It is time for the long-awaited vacation that some prefer to spend on the beach, others in the countryside and others in cities around the world. Go by plane, boat, car or even on a walking tour, Embelleze Portugal  gathered 10 mandatory items that cannot be missing in your holiday bag or backpack for beautiful hair and care.

1 - Shampoo, Conditioner / Mask and Combing Cream

 To wash, hydrate and untangle the wires during a time of great exposure to external agents, such as sun, wind, salt, humidity, among others. If traveling by plane, carry all these hair products  in tiny bottles that conform to the rules imposed by the airline in question.

2 - Comb or brush

 Depending on the type of hair, choose between more or less wide teeth and types of bristles and specific materials (wood, plastic, metal, with silicone balls on the tip, among others).

3 - Hooks, elastics and springs

 If, on the one hand, the springs are perfect for picking up wet hair without damaging the strands, elastics and hooks are the best allies for very dry strands. Take advantage of the holidays to use other fun and feminine hair accessories, such as flowers or ribbons.

4 - Scarves and scarves

 In addition to protecting your hair from sun / rain, sand and wind / low temperatures, they are excellent fashion accessories that can be used in a variety of ways.

5 - Sunscreen and Detangling

 In order not to suffer the damage of sea water and the harmful effect of the sun's rays, which dry and weaken the hair, we suggest the use ofNovex My Beach Detangling Protective Spray, which contains Coconut Water and Green Tea, ingredients that provide hydration, energy and shine to the hair, while effectively protecting against UV rays.

6 - Hat / Beanie

 Whether summer or winter in the country you choose as a holiday destination, the use of a hat or hat is essential to protect your hair from high or low temperatures.

7 - Mirror

 Some wallets, bags and brushes already have a mirror attached. If that is not your case, we recommend that you do not forget a small portable mirror to better see and comb your hair anywhere.

8 - Dryer, plate, baby liss

 If you are one of the women who cannot live without these objects, we recommend that you take them with you on a trip, but pay attention to the protection of the hair strands before using them. Try the Novex Capillary Shield  best suited to your hair type and keep your hair away from thermal aggressions.

9 - Shower and / or sleeping cap

 If you choose destinations that include the beach or pool, the caps help to protect your hair from salt, chlorine and excess moisture. They are also great items to have in the shower and bathtub, in case you don't need to wash your head and want to keep your hair dry. Sleeping caps (made of silk or satin) are especially used by women with curly / frizzy hair and serve to minimize frizz and unruly strands, helping to keep curls defined longer. Instead of the sleeping cap, you can choose a satin pillowcase that minimizes unkempt hair

10 - Camera

 If it is not a hair or beauty object, product or utensil, we suggest that you take a camera or other device that serves to capture images, in order to be able to immortalize your vacation and how beautiful your hair appears in the photos, due to the good use of all the other items that we listed in this article.
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