As the temperature drops, the hair becomes more dehydrated and fragile. Unfortunately, most women know what it's like to have hair this way; however, we often do not know why this happens. Find out how to care for your hair in winter.

In the winter the hair stems - part of the hair that emerges from the scalp, become drier, being more susceptible to breakage, and the hair becomes more rough. After all, what should we do to get cold-proof hair?

Adopt these routines for better hair care in winter: Wash your hair with warm water: when the hair is exposed to very high temperatures the root tends to be damaged. That is why. choose to wash your hair with warm or cold water. If you can wash your hair with cold water, know that it helps to shine healthy hair.

Don't sleep with damp hair: after washing your hair before going to bed, make sure to dry your hair. If you lie down with your hair still damp, your scalp stays wet all night, which enhances the appearance of bacteria that will weaken your hair.

Avoid excessive use of hats and hats: in colder seasons, we usually use more hats and hats to protect ourselves; however, these accessories should be used sparingly.

Increase your intake of vitamin C:  this vitamin helps in combating hair loss and restores shine to the hair, as it helps cuticles to close. It is also responsible for helping to maintain the natural color of the hair.

Use a good combing cream  to finalize hair care, preventing hair from becoming dry.

In winter, hair needs an extra dose of hydration. Offer your hair Novex Coconut Oil, ideal for revitalizing dry hair. Enriched with pure fresh coconut pulp and vitamin E, the Novex Coconut Oil line maintains the natural hydration of the threads, combats frizz, in addition to prolonging the smooth effect of the brush for much longer.

This winter, give your hair a unique hydration!

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