The Novex Dr family. Hemp has grown! The Novex Dr family. Hemp has grown! - Embelleze Europa

After the success of the shields, we have increased the portfolio of one of our most innovative lines, launched last year exclusively for the European and US markets! The Novex Dr line. Hemp is now complete! Its differential is very special: the technology is Brazilian, but it is made in Portugal. We can finally say that this line debuted our in-house production, 100% developed in Portuguese lands.

The family, with all the products for a complete hair routine, consists of shampoo, conditioner and mask to take care of the hair so that the stress of everyday life does not impact the health of the hair. One more highlight for this line: it is the first to have three products with 500g. In addition, its innovative formula brings cannabis sativa seed oil as a key ingredient, free of psychoactive substances ✅  That is, it is free to use without any worries!

This powerful oil contains fatty acids, including omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, which support healthy hair growth. Protects against thermal aggression (processing, drying and ironing), strengthens and seals the hair cuticles.

Novex Dr. Hemp acts as a protective barrier responsible for mitigating damage and frizz caused by stress. It promotes healthy hair growth and leaves hair silky and with an incredible shine!

Check out how each product works to benefit your hair care, in the order of use:

Shampoo and conditioner: Perfect hair care starts with choosing the shampoo and conditioner. When they are well chosen, they allow you to wash and care for your hair without stress, as is the case with the Novex Dr. Hemp The shampoo in this range will remove all the dirt from the hair that, over time, accumulates on the strands and scalp. The conditioner, on the other hand, will give the sensation of softness and also detangle, facilitating post-wash care.

Mask: The action of the Novex Dr. Hemp is intense and will give your hair another look, as it hydrates the strands from the inside out, restructuring the hair fiber in damaged hair. This mask also soothes the scalp and is ideal for daily care as it is part of the Hydration stage of the hair schedule.

And we can't forget about the Novex Dr. Hemp, firstborn in this family, which represent the family's debut and are the ideal products for hair finishing! The shielding acts as a protective barrier responsible for mitigating daily aggressions and frizz, caused by stress. Due to its thermal protection properties, it promotes healthy growth and leaves hair silky and with an incredible shine!



It's 1 line and with it, 7 reasons to buy! They are:

1) 100% organic hemp seed oil

2) 100% vegan

3) Pet love

4) Thermal protector

5) Moisture resistant

6) Hair protector

7) Immediate result

Now you have all the resources and hair care steps for healthy hair growth and silky hair with incredible shine! Now available exclusively in the best stores and, soon, on our website!


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