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Are you one of the team that likes to buy the complete range, from the same product line? Do you have difficulty varying the product options you use in your routine? Do you like to always use products from the same line? We understand… When the product line is good, we know that the results are enhanced if we use the same products, the complete kit. But, in this article, we will present you reasons to know how important it is to vary from time to time, as well as some options for this.

Days ago, we had a live with Vanderlina Oliveira, R&D Manager - Research & Development, and among various subjects during the chat (see the live in full, aqui), in one of them, this very common question was addressed: “Can I mix the lines and wash with products from different families?”. The answer was: “It is important to vary. Your hair has a need and, when using a certain product, to deliver what the hair needs, you will notice an improvement. But soon, your hair doesn't need that anymore, it's already reached the level it needed. And when you insist, you will no longer notice a difference”.

In other words, it is important to pay attention to what our hair needs. However, after the hair takes full advantage of the product we use, when we keep using that same item, we stop noticing its effects, precisely because the hair has already achieved the desired result. Therefore, we tend to think that the product no longer works. It's not all bad, it's not bad. It just doesn't work anymore, at some point.

Therefore, a good alternative to vary and give the hair what it really needs is the Hair Schedule. Thus, we do an initial test to understand the state of our thread and from there, we start a care routine, alternating Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction products. Learn more about this method here.

Are you convinced of the importance of changing the lines? To help you choose the combination of products, we created the KIT MATCH EMBELLEZE! We've put together products that are a match, for a perfect result at an affordable price! 👌  1 KIT = MORE PRODUCTS, LOWER PRICE, MANY BENEFITS!

Now you can BUY and SAVE on the combination of products you've always wanted! These kits are limited edition, and a great tip to give as a gift or for someone special. Have a complete beauty result!



Get to know our kits:

- SNAIL KIT: Nutrition, definition and perfect detangling!

Novex My Curls Film Ultra-Deep Mask: in 3 minutes, it nourishes, restores softness and vitality to the hair. With naturally pure ingredients such as: Argan (Argan), Coconut, Linseed, Sunflower, Avocado and Olive (Olive) Oils.


Gelatina Segura Tudo Novex Meus Cachos is the guarantee of shaped and defined curls for much longer! It provides softness, shine, protection and a long-lasting hold with ingredients such as Collagen and Aloe Vera.

- THE POWERFUL COAL KIT: A detox for your hair!

Purify, protect and restore your hair, whatever it is.

The shampoo, in addition to purifying, refreshes the hair, removing impurities from pollution and creating a protective barrier against toxic substances from the air and water.


The conditioner - as well as the shampoo - with Activated Charcoal, Fiber Detox and Hidrovance, leaves the hair soft, resistant and protected!


 A solution for hair that dreams of perfect straightness

Now in double dose: buy 1 and get another 😍

The HairLife Smooth&Natural Straightening Kit has exactly the effect that the name says: it leaves the hair softer, shiny and smooth, in addition to improving the natural movement. With its unique formula, it works with Ammonia Thioglycolate and special and natural ingredients, such as Avocado Oil and Shea Butter.

- KERATIN KIT: High level reconstruction for your hair.

Recovers dry hair or hair damaged by coloring, now!

Keratin Recharge is pure Hair Reconstruction in the form of a product, with a concentrated formula and with immediate results! It completely replaces all the lost Keratin and has a more resistant hair.


The Novex Brazilian Keratin mask contains 100g of 100% Brazilian Keratin, in addition to Vitamin E. The result is ultra-deep hydration and the recovery of extremely damaged and brittle hair!

- KIDS KIT: Much more affection for all the curls!

The Novex Meus Cachinhos line was specially developed to make children's curls more beautiful, soft, hydrated and soft, thanks to ingredients such as Aloe Vera and D-Panthenol in the shampoo, and Castor Oil and Shea in the Combing Cream, which provides easier detangling and protected hair.

- KIT DAY AFTER: For a long-lasting finish.

Styling Cream + Curl Activator + Liquid Gel is the successful combination for incredible curl definition! The Novex Coconut Oil Combing Cream fulfills the role of detangling, nourishing and leaving the hair less dry and without frizz.

- ANTIFRIZZ KIT: Have the wires in place, with super alignment!

Recommended for all hair types, the mask from the Novex Coconut Oil line is very effective in fighting frizz, in addition to prolonging much longer o smooth effect of board. If you have curls, it acts to controlthe volume, leaving your hair disciplined.

If you combine it with the Novex Liso de Cinema Conditioning Spray, which has Seridifrizz, you get repaired hair, with lots of shine, controlled volume, thermal (and sun!) protection, softness, threads untangled and without split ends.

- HAIR BOOST KIT: A burst of hair growth!

We have combined our 3 lines with exceptional products to accelerate your hair growth. The Novex Doctor Ríno line fights breakage and gives hair an injection of strength. Therefore, it helps in hair growth.

The Novex Collagen Infusion line, in turn, has 100% vegetable collagen protein that promotes healthy growth and an increase of up to 23% in the diameter of the wire.

The Novex Pra Bombar Solution is a hair vitamin supplement conditioner created to give hair an explosion of growth and strength with Vitamin A.

Now you no longer have an excuse to innovate when choosing products for your hair routine! The best thing is that you can try each kit according to what your hair needs and the results you want, such as Hair Growth, for example

Take advantage of this variety of products with the peace of mind that you will offer the best for your hair, without monotony! Tell us: which combination did you like the most? =)

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