Whether soft, defined, loose or curly, all wavy, curly and curly hair needs special care. The Embelleze United Kingdomgives a help:

1 - Wash carefully

Because it is a type of drier and sensitive hair, it is recommended to rub only the scalp very carefully and allow the shampoo foam to drain through the length of the strands and carry impurities without aggression. Also opt for products with low sulfates, parabens and petrolates. Tip: Always opt for water at warm temperature, as hot water damages and drys the wires and the icy water causes oiliness.

2 - Moisturize often

Due to its shape, wavy, curly and curly hair has difficulty distributing natural oiliness by the length of the thread. Moisturizing the strands regularly is essential for the hair to remain beautiful, healthy and untangled. Tip: Enjoy the evening period to moisten and moisturize your hair through the Humecation Ritual. Before bed, with dry wires, apply the Creamy Oil Humectação AfroHair Style Line, lubricate the wicks and use a cap to sleep. The next morning, wash your hair and finish as you please.

3 - Use the right brush

There are women who use bristle brush, combs with wide teeth or other brushes specific to waves and snails, however, most women use their own fingers. Tip: Prefer combs or brushes made of wood, as they help prevent frizz and excess volume by not having static electricity.

4 - Dry carefully

Whenever possible, the hair should be let to dry to the natural to avoid the excess frizz and the dry and spoiled tips. Opting for the dryer, the most recommended is the use of the diffuser at mild temperature, in order to dry the wires and control the volume to the right extent. Tip: Try drying your hair with a T-shirt (or other similar fabric) instead of the normal towel, so as to avoid frizz and not to break down the waves and natural snails.

5 - Opt for simple hairstyles

The hair must be fully dry before any hairstyle. Then, it is best to opt for seamless elastics and props or metallized parts in order to avoid unwanted damage or marks on the wires. Tip: Enjoy the ethnic trend of scarves and turbans and make several different hairstyles using the same hair accessory. This is also an original way to protect the wires during the summer.

6 - Paint with precautions

Because it is a naturally resected thread, attention must be redoubled. One of the required steps is the wick test, so as to ensure that the coloring chosen will not damage the hair. Once painted, the hair will need intense and regular hydration and nutrition to prevent mass loss and unwanted smoothed appearance. It is recommended that a Capillary Timeline to maintain hair health and nutrition. Tip: A Capillary Timeline is a hair care technique that aims to replenish naturally lost nutrients by hair on a daily basis or during chemical processes (coloring or discoloration, straightening, permanent...). It is based on 3 different stages: Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction. It aims at stronger, softer and brighter hair.

7 - Choose satin or silk pillowcases

Did you know that cotton from the common pillowcases removes moisture from the hair and friction of the strands when sleeping results in broken, rebellious and frizz snails? Satin or silk pillowcases are the best option for wavy, curly and curly hair, since they do not cause frizz, do not absorb the oiliness of the hair so easily and do not undo the snails due to its soft and slippery surface. Tip: Try a cap or the "Pineapple Coke" trick. Just use a silk scarf to hold your hair, leaving the knot at the height of the forehead. Thus, snails are protected from friction with bed linen.

8 - Learn how to do the Fit Ritual

The Fit Ritual helps intensify all types of waves and snails, including during the capillary transition. With the hair still moist, the Ninex My Curls Fit Ritualin the hair as if you were combing the strands with your fingers. Then, the wires are separated into "ribbons" and the tapes are kneaded from the bottom up to shape the snails. Tip: When separating each "ribbon" from hair, stretch it by hand several times so that the product penetrates deep into the hair fiber.
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