Spring has finally come! The sun, the smell of flowers, birds singing and love in the air! When we think of this very special season, these are the characteristics that accompany it.

 But there are also new care to be taken with our hair. So, we will give you some tips, to keep them wonderful and spread beauty, because keeping your hair beautiful and healthy just depends on you!

We have 4 tips, but don't forget to include a good diet full of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water, because we are also what we eat and you will see that you will notice a big difference when you put all this advice together!

1- HydrationThe, it is fundamental!

Capillary hydration is very important throughout the year, but it is in these warmer seasons that we need more hydration, at least twice a week. NovexColag infusionIt'snioit is an excellent option to give your hair an extra strength with 100% vegetable collagen! This line hydrates, nourishes, increases the diameter of the yarn by up to 23% and the shine by up to 80%! And, all this with the VEGAN and PET LOVE seal (not tested on animals). You'll fall in love with this line!


2- Vitamins and Ômegs are essential!

With the change of seasons, sometimes the volume of the hair decreases due to falling and weakening of the strands. But, don't despair! It is normal for hair to fall out more often at this point, but we have the key to fighting this problem: Novex Doctor Rícino! This line is an injection of strength into your hair! With Castor Oil rich in Vitamin E and Omegas 6 and 9, it promotes strong and healthy growth, reducing the drop by breaking and the formation of split ends! Everything to make your hair WONDERFUL, without having to give it a big “scissor”, which we try so hard to avoid.


3- Watch out for the heat!

Although this season does not have temperatures as high as summer, it is important to pay close attention, as the hair is very sensitive and reacts to external agents. It may become drier and dehydrated due to increased UV rays. So, if you haven't heard of the latest Embelleze news, here it is: Novex Shielding Dr. Hemp! This product with the VEGAN and PET LOVE seal (not tested on animals), will not only protect you from the heat of the flat iron and / or dryer (thermal protector), but also attenuate damage and frizz. Say goodbye to unruly, dull hair, and create a protective barrier this spring!


 Following these simple tips will help you this spring, while still enjoying this wonderful season! And thou? What do you usually do to keep your hair healthy? Leave your tips and share your magic recipes with us!
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