Avocado and Honey: the perfect combination for hair full of life! Avocado and Honey: the perfect combination for hair full of life! - Embelleze Europa

Is your hair damaged, dry and lifeless? Don't despair! We have the perfect combination to solve this problem: Novex Avocado Oil, enriched with Honey!

Abacate e Mel: a combinação perfeita para um cabelo cheio de vida!

Every day, our hair is exposed to different types of aggressions that, over time, make the strands lose their natural beauty. When we no longer know what to do to get it back, we often turn to our mother's and grandmother's little dishes, and many of these recipes have two very special ingredients: Avocado and Honey. Why these ingredients?

honey is one of the richest ingredients that was used by our ancestors for beauty products and even for medicinal purposes. Legends say that Cleopatra took milk and honey baths to make her skin more hydrated and youthful. All this because it is rich in mineral salts, amino acids and alpha-hydroxy acids, which becomes an essential key to sealing porous and brittle hair, repairing and rebuilding it.

The avocado, from Central America and rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, in addition to penetrating deeply into the hair fiber, is rich in fatty acids that fight dehydration natural, helping in the regeneration of dry hair and strengthening it. And, in addition to all these benefits, avocado is also an excellent anti-inflammatory!

This very special formula, which is part of the hydration stage of the hair schedule, contains proteins and amino acids that help take care of porous, elastic and brittle hair, hydrating and maintaining moisture in the strands. The Novex Avocado Oil line, enriched with Honey, was specially developed to help hydrate the hair, making it stronger, shiny and hydrated!

This line consists of:

Novex Avocado Oil Shampoo, which has properties that provide hair with intense hydration.

Champô Novex Óleo de Abacate

Novex Avocado Oil Conditioner, which provides unique softness and flexibility, as well as ensuring easy combing.

Condicionador Novex Óleo de Abacate 300ml

Novex Avocado Oil Mask, rich in fatty acids, which penetrates the hair cuticle, ensuring a long-lasting result.

 Máscara Novex Óleo de Abacate 400g Máscara Novex Óleo de Abacate 1kg


What more reasons do you need? Say goodbye to devitalized hair, and bring your hair back to life! Don't forget to share your experience and your results on our social networks!

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