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One of the very common doubts among the wavy, curly and curly is about the use of Curl Activator and Combing Cream. It is normal, since, for example, the care of curly hair has many more stages than the others. In addition to the classic shampoo, mask and conditioner, frizzy and curly hair also needs other products, such as Styling Cream, Gelatin, Curl Activator, Oil, etc. – which will help a lot in the finalization, and is the secret to a beautiful and impeccable result!

This time, we are going to focus on the two types of products present in the title of this article. The Combing Cream is as the name describes: ideal for combing, as its ingredients help a lot to untangle the hair and fight frizz, in order to leave the strands manageable and hydrated for a perfect finish, either with the help of a comb, a brush or with your fingers. For curly and frizzy hairs, we recommend a cream that is more consistent to balance the natural texture of these hair strands, which tend to be drier. This is because the natural oiliness of the strands takes longer to reach the ends of the hair, precisely because of the shape of this strand.

That's why our line Novex Meus Cachos de Cinema is so successful! The size of the Combing Cream already speaks for itself: at 1kg, because we know that curly hair requires a greater amount and product, so that it is possible to glove the strands strand by strand, for an easier detangling. And, on top of that, the Novex My Curls Film Combing Cream, contains 6 magnificent, natural oils and Shea Butter, which leave the hair incredibly more nourished. And, the best: it is a free product: 100% free of parabens, petrolatums, silicones and sulfates.

So, what is the Curl Activator for?

Also as the name says, it serves to activate and set the curls. Because they are naturally rich in oils, they end up being extremely nourishing, which makes the product perfect for those who have dry, porous hair and still leaves the hair soft, shiny and much less frizz. It is worth noting that frizz is a natural effect of curly hair, ok? Don't make him a villain, because this effect shows that even in the “imperfection of the curls definition”, our locks are still beautiful – and natural!

One of the big differences between the Curl Activator and the Combing Cream is the frequency and amount of product used, since the Activator is a complementary effect to the effect already produced by the cream and, therefore, it also uses up in less quantity. The Activator is also perfect to use in the days after shampooing, to revitalize curls and activate them, in what we call Day After. Thus, it is used for curls to "come back to life", after the influence of natural agents of everyday life such as humidity, wind, among other factors, and even when we sleep or move our hair throughout the day.

And, that's why this was the missing product in the Novex Meus Cachos de Cinema line! Embelleze understood all this, listened to the needs of curly hair and launched the Novex My Curls Cinema Curl Activator! The product that was missing for a complete hair care routine, with a super activation of curls, a 500g package and a light and lasting result.The mix of oils such as Argan (Argan), Coconut, Linseed, Sunflower, Avocado and Olive (Olive Oil), leave the hair with the highest levels of nutrition possible and also with the combination of Shea Butter, which leaves the curls soft, bright and full of life!

Extra tip: use your hand to lightly “knead” the curls so they can take their shape and enhance the results even more! Tell us: have you tried this novelty worthy of a Movie Star? See here, at the bottom of the page, what the curly and curly people who have already tried the product say, and buy your Combo Combo Cream + Curl Activator from the Novex Meus Cachos de Cinema line for a result worthy of a movie!

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