Welcome to the wonderful world of Sprays! Welcome to the wonderful world of Sprays! - Embelleze Europa
If you have already become a fan of hair products in Spray format, welcome to the world of benefits that they present. If you've never tried it, it's time to discover 4 extraordinary reasons to embrace this practical, lightweight and easy-to-use trend:

1 - They are extremely easy to apply

Even for those who cannot live without the instruction manuals, there is no doubt about this advantage: to use a hair spray, just shake, remove the protective cap, spray and that's it. Because its texture is liquid so it can be sprayed on, the Sprays are also extremely easy to spread throughout the hair and massage with your hands.

2 - Its effect is fast

Along with their quick application, Sprays combine fast action - when it's not even immediate! After spraying, its effects start to be noticed in a short time.

3 - They are very practical

As they are usually presented in small packages (between 60 ml and 250 ml, in the case of Embelleze products), Sprays become an excellent option for those who love to always be prepared with their favorite Spray in their suitcase! In addition, they can be used anywhere and do not need any supplement for their use, unlike other hair products that require water to be applied and rinsed, for example.

4 - They are multifunctional

The market has surrendered to the world of Sprays and today the offer is immense! In the case of Embelleze, you can find: - Sprays to detangle hair and define curls, such as the AfroHair Humidifier; - Sprays to relieve itching and combat the oiliness of the hair, such as Novex Citrus Fruit Serum; - Sprays to control frizz and provide hydration to children's curls, such as the Novex Meus Cachinhos Desembarrassing Spray; - Sprays to prevent hair drying and protect against the harmful effect of the sun's rays, such as the Novex Minha Praia Detangling Protector Spray; - Sprays for repairing hair damaged by the flat iron and the dryer, but also for color protection, such as Spray Leave In Novex Keratin Brasileira; - And even Sprays that help seal the cuticles and leave the hair soft, fragrant and super shiny, such as the Novex Temptation Acid Conditioning Spray.
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