Did you know Queratin is the main protein that makes up the hair structure? And that hairs battered by chemical processes, pollution, brush and board can have their keratin amount cut to half, resulting in opaque, brittle, lifeless wires? That's why the line Novex Queratin Brasileira is ideal for reconstructing hair that is dried or damaged by chemistry. Because it is hydrolysed, Novex's Brazilian Queratin provides rapid absorption, ensuring healthy, sturdy hair and with an unmistakable beauty! What are the benefits of Brazilian Queratina for hair? -Strengthens cohesion of the cuticular scales of the hair hairs; -Restores the protein mass lost by chemical treatments and transformers; -It is a photoprotective agent, restructuring and repairing damage induced by UV radiation; -Proportions hydration and helps improve the healthy appearance of the hair. -Keep the wires aligned, smoother and brighter; -check strength, strength and strength and rescue the natural flexibility of the wires. See the video step by step of the Novex Queratina Brasileira line!
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