Sun, sea, sand, wind, salty dives and much heat promise to walk hand in hand this summer -reasons more than enough to give your hair the protected bathing holidays it deserves with the help of these tips from the Embelleze Portugal.

Take advantage of the scarves, scarves and hats

In addition to being versatile accessories that complement any summer look, they help protect the hair from UV rays and also from the grains of sand that lie in scratching the strands of hair while taking another beautiful day at the beach.

Always use your hair guard

Just as we protect our eyes with sunglasses and skin with sunscreen, our hair also needs help not to suffer the damage of seawater, the breaks caused by knots and the harmful effect of the UV rays that dry and weaken our hair. Try theSpray Protector Deserting My Novex BeachIt contains Coco Water and Green Tea, ingredients that provide hydration, energy and brilliance to the wires, while effectively protecting against UV rays.

Always dispose of post-beach waste

Always remove the remains of sand, algae and salt from your hair with a complete cleaning that includes washing with Shampoo and a good hydration where they do not fail Mask, Conditioning and/or Ampoule adequate for the needs of each type of hair). To complete the process and help comb and unpack the wires, we recommend using a Pentear Cream.

Avoid dryer, plates and baby liss

To compensate for the high solar temperatures that your hair already supports during beach days, we suggest that you allow it to dry naturally in bathing season, giving it rest from the thermal aggressions caused by electrical appliances. If you cannot survive without these accessories, be sure to apply one Capilar Armor to protect hair from thermal aggressions.

Do not tie/comb your hair with wet yarn

Avoid breaking and weakening of the wires, leaving the hair dry in the open air after each dive. To help comb your hair, we suggest using theSpray Protector Deserting My Novex Beachwhich can be used in dry or wet hair. Just spray it, spread it with your hands and comb the wires with your fingers or a comb.

Republe lost nutrients with a Capilar Schedule

Many trips to the beach can mean hours and hours of sun exposure, salt dives and strands of hair damaged by constant washing and drying with towel, sand and salt to the mix. The result? Thick and dried hair, keratin deficit, broken tips and even irritated scalp- all situations that can be solved with a Capilar ScheduleYeah. Based on three different steps: Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction, the Capilar Schedule is a hair care technique that can be customized for each hair type and that aims for stronger, softer and brighter hair.

Take healthy snacks in the lunchbox

Much of our hair's health and resistance comes from the food we eat and the nutrients that come into our system. So choose nutritious snacks for the beach, such as fruits, cereal bars, natural juices and, of course, lots of water to maintain hydration levels and help with even more beautiful, shiny and healthy hair!
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