Does your hair know what Cauterization is? Does your hair know what Cauterization is? - Embelleze Europa
Changes in temperature, pollution, daily use of the dryer or iron, coloring, straightening and other chemical processes can damage your hair, leaving it dull, porous, brittle, dry or with split ends. But to save your hair quickly and effectively, there is an SOS - Hair Cauterization! The word "cauterize", widely used in the field of Medicine, means "to heal" or "to close", its purpose being to close some region of the body and retain something inside. In the case of Hair Cauterization, the objective is to penetrate the hair fiber, rebuild the hair thanks to a Keratin replacement and seal the hair cuticles, keeping the nutrients inside - fundamental steps for the hair to have a healthy appearance, shiny, smooth and without frizz or damaged ends.

Importance of Keratin

In the Capillary Cauterization process, the reconstruction of the thread is done through Keratin, since this is the main hair protein, composed of amino acids that make up about 90% of the hair fiber. Keratin can be reduced by up to half when the strands are malnourished and extremely damaged by external agents, daily routines with thermal capillary instruments or various chemical processes.

Results from first use

Unlike a simple hydration, Cauterization allows a deep reconstruction of the thread, from its interior (from the Cortex to the Cuticle), and a quick recovery of the lost Keratin. Since there is also hair mass replacement and cuticle sealing, it is possible to see results from the first session: more softness, less hair breakage, shinier and stronger hair.

What are the steps of Cauterization

Capillary Cauterization is based on several different stages. To facilitate the process, Embelleze has a Novex Brazilian Keratin Cauterization Kit which already contains all the products needed to carry out the process: Shampoo, Hydrolyzed Liquid Keratin, Mask and Armor - all products enriched with the most genuine Brazilian Keratin. Step 1: Wash hair with Shampoo and massage from scalp to ends. Rinse. Step 2: Apply the Hydrolyzed Liquid Keratin to damp hair and let it act for 15 minutes. Frequency of use: In the first month, apply once a week; in the second month, every 15 days; in the third month, every 30 days. Step 3: Without rinsing, apply the Mask to the hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse. Frequency of use: Apply every 15 days. Step 4: Apply a small amount of Blindagem Novex Keratin Brasileira to the hair and finish as desired.

How to maintain

Hair Cauterization is an SOS care for damaged hair and should not be transformed into a hair routine. However, for the maintenance of damaged or chemically treated hair, we recommend the Novex Keratin Brasileira line, made up of several products, many of which can be used daily.
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