A lot of women dream of Rapunzel-style hair. However, long hair requires special attention because the longer the hair is, the longer the lifetime of the hair and the greater the amount of hair to care for! Thus, in order to keep longer hair healthy, nutritious, hydrated and bright, Embelleze selected some tips: -Wash your hair gently, without rubbing too much, so as not to bruise the scalp and the yarn at all its length; -Bet on yarn hydration and cuticle sealing, using Mask and Conditioning; -Rinse your hair well so that there is no product residue on the yarn; -Avoid knots at the time of unpacking and combing your hair using aPentear Creamadequate for your hair type; -Always protect your hair from thermal aggressions (plank, dryer, baby liss...) using a Capilar Armor; -Do not sleep with wet hair, as you risk breaking the wires more easily; -Avoid very tight hairstyles and metal or other hair accessories that mark and break the wires; -Cut the ends regularly to avoid growth blocking due to double or dried tips. W

Is your dream a longer hair?

If you are tired of searching the Internet for recipes to make your hair grow, look no further! The line Novex To Bombcomposed of Shampoo, Conditioning, Mask and Potential vitamin solution provides an explosion of growth, brightness and softness, while avoiding spiked tips: -Contains Vitamin A to assist in the growth of the wire and strengthen the root; -Contains D-Pantenol, which offers prolonged smoothness and deep hydration; -Contains Whey Protein to potentiate the strength of the hair yarn; -Contains Capilmax, which helps revitalize the hair fiber and reinforce the hair structure.    
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