in The process of the growth of the hair, it is usually time-consuming and the results don't always match up to expectations. Also, is there any solution to get the hair long and healthy, without having to wait for several months.

Almost every day we followed the same routine for the hair: wash the hair in the same way that we use in our products of choice, escovamo it over and over again, and a lot of times, even in the dry... it is a process that is performed in an automated way. But is that all of these things are good for the hair?

We must adopt a series of sessions for the hair to become longer and more healthy:

may Reduce the frequency with which you wash your hair , If you want your hair to grow in as short a time as possible, and that you are healthy, you should avoid washing it daily! When you clean the hair excessively, you are sure to remove most of the oils that make the leather slick, or whether we have to dry it and thus make it less healthy, which affects the process of growing up.

To distribute the natural oils of your hair: Brush the hair regularly to distribute the oils to the scalp as possible in order to keep it naturally moisturized. To adapt to the routine of brushing her hair every night, you are increasing the circulation, thus making the scalp a more healthy, causing it to grow more quickly. However, you should avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. When your hair is wet it becomes more fragile and breaks more easily, especially when there is no pressure on you.

Use a heat protector: you Must take care of your hair and prevent it to be exposed to high temperatures that can harm you. To decrease the temperature of the dryer, and then use a thermal protector to restore its softness, suppleness and shine.

Get your vitamins: how Many times have you heard that taking vitamins is beneficial to our bodies? The truth is that the vitamins are essential for your health hair because it helps to protect the cuticle. The hair is born stronger and are less likely to become brittle. Vitamins such as B3, strengthen hair from the inside out”, to help you get the hair you've always dreamed of.

Choose the shampoo is ideal for enhancing the growth of hair If you want your hair to grow in as short a time as possible, should be able to help you out! Provide you with the very best ingredients. You can give your hair Novex To blow up the Coffeethat contains the coffee (the caffeine which has a stimulating effect and improves the circulation of blood in-local); but if you have special plant (it repairs and regenerates the hair) and Castor oil (it has emollient properties and is desembaraçantes and helps in cleaning the hair and removing toxins from the scalp).

We present to you the line of Novex To blow up the Coffeefor women's, modern, and sophisticated, that you don't have the time to wait for the hair to grow.

The line of Novex To blow up a Café is suitable for all types of hair that you are looking for a growth in service, and at the same time, it leaves the hair silky, shiny and with a natural movement. Novex To blow up the Cafe, is a solution of the tested and dermatologist approved, which assures safe and hair strong, healthy and full of energy in order to grow non-stop.

To give you a burst of energy to your your hair.

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