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From the inside out: this is how we believe in beauty and transformation. And that's why, in this special publication, we're going to share tips from the Embelleze Women's universe, in order to continue spreading beauty from the inside out: from our team, to you :)

Get ready to get to know in depth not only a little more about some of the women behind Embelleze Europe, but also to find out about the routine and beauty tips and secrets of those who work every day to bring transformation in the form of beauty to your home.

This is the first part of the interviews, which already shows how much it is a really diverse team committed to beauty, starting with themselves. Stay tuned for part 2, in the next post.

Embelleze Europe: When you joined the company, did you already know and/or use the brand? What connection can you make between the words Embelleze - Transformation - Beauty?


I didn't use it, however I've already started using it. The ability of a product to affect the senses: smell, touch. (Maria Neves, Regulatory Affairs)


I knew the brand through the Maxton dye. The connection is to family and childhood. I remember watching talk shows together with my grandmother, and in these shows there was the transformation of a woman in which, in addition to fixing her hair, she received a kit of Embelleze products. The summary is this: the afternoons with my grandmother watching women being beautified and getting a wonderful kit. There were days when I wanted to be that woman. (Geane Albuquerque, Financial Manager)


Yes, I knew Embelleze in Brazil, and there I used Hair life. In Brazil, I saw Embelleze associated with products for afro hair (like mine). Embelleze's culture is transformation through beauty (not just external beauty), a beautiful example is the training work of Instituto Embelleze. (Eucimar Miranda, Commercial Promoter)


When I joined the company, I was unaware of the brands sold. I think the words transformation and beauty can be summed up by Embelleze, that is, the meaning of Embelleze for me is transformation and beauty, the objective of making beautiful. (Catarina Pavanito, Graphic Designer)


Before joining the company, I was already using Novex products. For me, they represent female beauty. (Dina Sofia, Commercial Promoter)


Before entering I already knew it, but I confess that I had never bought it and was very lost among so many options. I knew very little about my hair for a long time… When I arrived in Portugal, keeping my curly hair healthy was one of my concerns, which soon disappeared when I found out I had Embelleze here! Embelleze really is transformation and beauty (in addition to self-esteem) for sure! (Júlia Gravano, Social Media)


EE: When you started using our products, what was the hair context at the time? Was there any transformation? If so, did Embelleze help in this process?


 My hair is not curly, and tends to be oily at the root. By using our products, this feature has improved and I can have a more defined wavy. (Maria Neves, Regulatory Affairs)


I started using the products in July 2018, when I won the product of the month (Novex Pra Bombar Café). The hair became shinier, softer and grew faster. (Geane Albuquerque, Financial Manager)


 My hair changed because of the water in Portugal and the Gold shield helped me a lot.(Carla Lira, Commercial Manager)


Before joining Embelleze, I didn't know how to take care of my hair, I didn't pay much attention, honestly. hair, how to use the products... Basically, I started to pay more attention to my hair and take care of it. (Catarina Pavanito, Graphic Designer) 


I have thick, dry hair, and in many ways. The transformation in my hair was the softness that, with the right products, I managed to eliminate some frizz. (Dina Sofia, Commercial Promoter)


I only did the basics and discovered, when I entered Embelleze, that I also did it in the wrong order. I started using the products, and I saw curls and a definition that I didn't even know was possible for my hair! This encouraged me a lot to take care of it more and better. I learned a lot and stopped being so skeptical about the effects that the right product can really do for the hair! (Júlia Gravano, Social Media)


EE: Which Embelleze product has transformed your hair? Is this your favourite? Tell us why?


I like the Gold Blindagem (for when I straighten my hair) and I like the line Brazilian Keratin. (Maria Neves, Regulatory Affairs)


It was the Magic Liss Mask. Yes, it's my favorite, because it delivers what it promises. It serves to maintain the progressive brush and keeps the hair aligned (no frizz). (Geane Albuquerque, Financial Manager)


 Gold Blindagem! (Carla Lira, Commercial Manager)


Hard to say one, but I really like the range Pra Bombar and also the Liquid Keratin (I always used it when doing hair chemistry). (Eucimar Miranda, Commercial Promoter)


I don't have any specific product that has transformed my hair, what changed my hair was the fact that I paid more attention to it, used more products on a daily basis. However, I have a few favorites, which unfortunately have already been discontinued 😅  such as acid temptation, my beach, The Mighty Carvão Enabled; I like the Novex Pra Bombar line because I felt it really helped my hair grow. (Catarina Pavanito, Graphic Designer)


Right now, I love Novex C InfusionOlagen - I like how my hair is silky and shiny. (Dina Sofia, Commercial Promoter)


The Nex Light and Tasty Styling Cream gave an effect exactly as the name promises! It's my favourite. I also love the CPP line Novex Enroladas Crespas for volume and the masks from Novex Coconut Oil line, Super Babosão Aloe Vera and Doctor Rínino. (Júlia Gravano, Social Media)


EE: How are you taking care of your hair and yourself, in general, in this quarantine?


Almost always misaligned! But I always use the Keratin mask to define the wavy.(Maria Neves, Regulatory Affairs) 


Routine: I wash my hair every 2 days, moisturize every 15 days  (Geane Albuquerque, Financial Manager)


I try to moisturize my hair with masks. (Carla Lira , Commercial Manager)


I try to keep the capilla scheduler up to date (HNR). (Eucimar Miranda, Commercial Promoter)


I kept my hair care, of course, and started to make a moisturizer. After being at home for so long, I also started to exercise to regain lost muscle mass. (Catarina Pavanito, Graphic Designer)


I continue to take the necessary care to keep my hair strong, silky and shiny. I do the shampoo, mask and conditioner process and, as I have chemistry (paint and still some highlights), once a month I use the liquid keratin. (Dina Sofia, Commercial Promoter)


I've been dedicating more time to finishing my hair in different ways and I've also taken the opportunity to try new products. I still want to start doing more hairstyles too! I've included physical activity and I've been enjoying simple moments, from bringing flowers home to cooking new recipes. (Júlia Gravano, Social Media)


EE: Does your self-esteem depend on hair care? What are the rituals and tips you can give to help someone who is starting to understand this connection?


Of course I do! I have thin and fragile hair. But when straightened or the wavy is more defined, it looks more cared for, even without much effort. But above all, it looks healthy. (Maria Neves, Regulatory Affairs)


Yes, my hair shapes my face; therefore, my self-esteem depends on hair care. The tips are to follow our page and blog on the internet to receive care tips, since the people who give the tips have an accessible language, and our products can be purchased on the website. (Geane Albuquerque, Financial Manager)


A lot!!! My neat hair makes me feel safe and happy. (Carla Lira, Commercial Manager)


My self-esteem depends entirely on hair care. My tip is to choose the right product for your hair type. As a sales promoter, my greatest satisfaction is being able to advise the client, for example, to use one of our gelatin associated with the cream to comb, taking care of the fit to obtain an incredible result and long-lasting day afters. Or, before styling, apply our best-selling Gold Shield to protect hair from heat and keep wires disciplined for longer. (Eucimar Miranda, Commercial Promoter)


Clearly. Any woman feels more confident when she has visibly healthy, shiny and silky hair. When I wash my hair, in addition to the shampoo, I always use a hair mask, then the conditioner; before drying the hair, I put hair shield in the hair to protect from the heat; after drying the hair, apply a little styling cream or conditioner spray; the next day, I put oil on the ends to avoid splitting and on the hair extension spray conditioner; once a month, I do wetting.(Catarina Pavanito, Graphic Designer)


Yes, I think that any woman, when she has beautiful hair, has her self-esteem always high. The process I use: I always use shampoo, mask and conditioner, but I never always use the same products or the complete line, I'm always changing and I've managed to keep my hair beautiful and healthy. (Dina Sofia, Commercial Promoter)


Hair is largely responsible for the self-esteem of black women, whether or not they exist. Ever since I was little, I've seen my curly hair associated with untidy, messy, and all the other pejorative adjectives that aren't worth remembering. There was no representation and little was known about the care of curly and frizzy hair and, therefore, we grew up without reference, without knowing how to care for it and without options for doing so. That's why hair for me is more than aesthetics and self-esteem: it's resistance! For those who are starting on this journey: look for hair inspirations similar to yours and the right products! Learning to care is the key to start valuing yourself :) (Júlia Gravano, Social Media)


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