Keep up with 7 more of the 21 tips to look beautiful all year round Keep up with 7 more of the 21 tips to look beautiful all year round - Embelleze Europa

First of all, have you seen the first phase of this series of tips? Check here before continuing on this content.

To continue our wishlist for the year, we present below 7 more tips for you to have new habits that will help you to take action! In addition to planning, it is necessary to execute. And discipline will be your best friend on this journey, combined with these items below:

8. Morning Rituals

Some people don't like routine, we know that. But think: when you like something, you want to do it longer or whenever possible, right? When you perceive the effect as well. And this is how it is possible to establish a healthy and pleasant routine, your way. We are going to give you some tips, but be careful: adapt them to your heart's content! This one is simple: try stretching yourself deeply. This helps a lot to activate the limbs/muscles to come out of inertia, after so many hours stopped. Another good day might be to avoid touching your phone for the first hour, but you can start with minutes. A good breakfast + physical activity would be perfect too.

9. Night Rituals

Still with the line of reasoning of what you feel good and comfortable, according to your reality and lifestyle: also establish a night routine. It's time for Skin Care, to take a good shower with the BioSalut Soaps and moisturize your hands before bed with our Silicone Sleeve. Don't forget to disconnect from social networks a little before, to leave your body and dress in rest mode.

10. Time Control

When we did that we didn't have time, we actually didn't have a good control of it. And of course, we can't control it, but we can use the planning we did up there to organize the day to day. It is important that you set aside time for day-to-day obligations, for work, study, for the house and especially: to take care of yourself (include your hair routine here!) and to rest.

11. Study what you love:

Study is often linked to obligations. But certainly, we have all experienced moments when the study was not only productive, but very welcome. That's why it's so important to study what we like, with pleasure. Make time for that too :)

12. Connection that warms the heart

One of the things that we had to learn recently, with all the world context we live in, is that we can be present - even distant - in many ways. Thanks to social media, we managed to shorten this distance and reduce the longing a little. So don't underestimate the power of a connection!

13. Watch!

In everyday life, sometimes we take life on automatic and fail to notice small - and even big signs. Not only of opportunities, but we also miss the chance to observe ourselves. Observe and pay attention to how your health, your skin and also how your hair is doing. We can extract a lot of information from a simple observation.

14. Search

Again, we will give credit to the Internet. With it, we can go far and deepen in research - whatever it is, attention! Count on us on our website to find, for example, the best product options for all hair types. On our blog, you will also find many other interesting content like this ;)

Take the opportunity and tell us: what have you already started to put into action? If you haven't seen the first 7 tips yet, click here and to see where you can start looking beautiful all year round - inside out and outside in.

Don't miss the last phase of this game that is life in balance, for better days forever =)

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