If your child is definitely not a child who feels like fish in the tub, here are some tips from the Embelleze United Kingdom so that bath time is not a must, but a super fun family moment, full of complicity and where there is no shortage of necessary safety precautions. After all, we're talking about kids, these beings as cute as fragile!

1 - Make security a priority

A fun bath is, above all, a safe bath. Therefore, move all types of electrical appliances away from contact with water (dryer, heater...), always place an non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathtub or shower and avoid the use of accessories (earrings, rings, watches...) during the time of bath, so as not to unintentionally hurt the little ones.

2 - Drive away fear from water

Always fill the tub first with cold water and only then season with hot water, to prevent the curiosity of the little ones from causing unwanted burns and traumas. From there, keep the water at a pleasant temperature for the skin of the little ones (more sensitive than the skin of adults) and let the bath adventure begin.

3 - Prepare a fun bath location

Children are not fans of monotony. Therefore, provide decoration, toys and games (rubber ducks, wateringers, boats, animal-shaped sponges, astronauts, plasticized books, princesses and submarines) that make the bath ritual a magical moment worth repeating daily without making tantrums!

4 - Choose products specifically designed for children

Like the skin, infant hair is also more delicate than adult hair. Thus, opt for products without Parabenos, Petrolatos, Silicones And Sulfates, that respect the skin and scalp of children, as is the case with the Novex My Little Ilocks, dermatologically tested and indicated for the snails of the little ones. Do the same with skin products (lotion, bath gel, soap and cologne) and accessories (water thermometer, brush, necessaire, pajamas...).

5 - Use and abuse of distraction trick

At the end of a working day, we know that originality tends to be scarce for parents, but whenever possible, try to tell stories, invent contests between siblings (who showers faster, for example) or encarne a different character. So instead of being the father or mother bathing your child, it can be a gnome, a clown or a fairy godmother!

6 - Create unexpected moments of animation

Enjoy the stages of before and after bath ing to create a surprise complicity environment. Try grabbing the shower and starting to sing a song in the bath or use original towels and play with the little ones to fluttering-cover superheroes or princesses with royal robes.

7 - Praise the child at the end of the bath

Compliments such as "How smelly!" or "How beautiful!" are essential for the child to feel good, happy and super proud to have the bath ritual as part of their daily routine.

8 - Ask and share without fear

Knowledge does not take place and, as far as children are concerned, all doubts are valid. So if you continue to be afraid, failures at bathtime or other unanswered questions, talk to your pediatrician, read childcare books or share your experience with other mothers and friends.
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