Complete Capillary Schedule with a single line? Novex SuperHairFood Ba Complete Capillary Schedule with a single line? Novex SuperHairFood Ba - Embelleze Europa

If you thought it was impossible to get better than a line destined for each stage of the Hair Schedule, Embelleze has definitely managed to surprise you by developing an even more complete range: the recently launched novelty Novex SuperHairFood Banana and Protein!

This is a line that works on three fronts: Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction, the famous HNR. But before explaining how it is possible for a product to be so complete, it is also worth noting that the Banana and Protein line has repairing and protective properties for the hair, against damage caused by external, mechanical and thermal factors. This means that the moisturizing power of this line will protect the wires from breakage, mainly caused by brushing. The result will be repaired hair, without frizz and without split ends. Therefore, another great highlight of this line is the focus on Repair and Anti-frizz.

But since we know that what you want is to know how the release acts as a complete Hair Schedule, let's unravel how the magic happens:

- Hydration:

The raw material is Hydrovance: a moisturizing agent with excellent aesthetic properties that promotes hair strengthening, cuticle alignment and repair and, of course, hydration.

- Nutrition:

In this case, the raw material is the outstanding fruit: the banana is a fruit of high nutritional value, very rich in sugar and minerals, mainly calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B1 , B2 and C. It has emollient, protective, hydrating properties, in addition to nutrients and remineralizing natural fruit.

- Reconstruction:

Filcortex (Protein) is the raw material of the moment with the combination of amino acids from rice, soy, glycine and seaweed that has exclusive resources to take care of damaged hair and to restore the proteins of the hair cortex. In addition, it repairs damaged and brittle strands and restores hair mass.

Confers more benefits of protein as an ingredient:

- Prevention of premature aging of the threads ("Anti-Age" action);

- Improved appearance and texture;

-  Replacement of amino acids;

- Damage repair;

- Increase in yarn density.

Therefore, we can say that the Novex SuperHairFood Banana and Protein line recovers hair youth because it restores elasticity and provides the Anti-Aging effect that prevents premature aging of the hair. The novelty that has shampoo, mask, conditioner and styling cream, is suitable for all types of hair and is fantastic for the time of winter, because it will protect the wires against breakage and damage pfrom wide temperature variations.

But does that mean you no longer need to use the other ranges in the Novex SuperHairFood range? Definitely not! We explain: this release is a practical alternative for being 3 in 1, but it doesn't mean that your hair always has the same needs - on the contrary! That's why it's so important to know the specifics of our hair to understand what it needs most. Another good tip is to always do the Hair Porosity Test regularly.

Giving your hair other sources of nourishment is essential for it to stay healthy. That's why Embelleze offers an extensive variety of products, according to what you need in each situation.

Discover more about all Novex SuperHairFood lines and guarantee fantastic hair this holiday season. Try it now!

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