Hair schedule is with the new Novex SuperHairFood line! Hair schedule is with the new Novex SuperHairFood line! - Embelleze Europa

Everyone knows the importance of keeping hair Moisturized, Nourished and Rebuilt so that hair health is up to date. But not everyone knows that this can be done through a specific schedule, through which it is possible to identify what your hair needs and, from there, create a care routine so that it absorbs all the nutrients, in the right amount.

This is exactly what the Hair Schedule consists of! It is essentially composed of the 3 steps highlighted above and, to better understand what your hair needs at the moment, it is important to do a quick and very practical test, with an almost immediate result.



With clean and dry hair, comb and separate an entire strand that comes out in the brush. Fill a glass cup with water and place the string inside. Look, after a few minutes, and check the result: 

- If the thread floated in the water, your hair indicated a low porosity, it is a sign that your cuticle is very closed and therefore your hair is healthy. Therefore, bet on the hydration step to reinforce the texture.

- If the strand was in the middle of the cup, your hair indicated medium porosity, it means that it is a little damaged. So you should bet on nutrition.

- If the thread has sunk into the cup, your hair has indicated high porosity, it is a sign that your cuticles are very open and the threads are very damaged. So, the solution is to bet on reconstruction.

Now that you know which stage you need, discover the benefits of each one of them for your hair with the products from the Novex SuperHairFood line, specially developed for each of the stages of the Hair Schedule:

If you need Hydration, you can count on the Novex SuperHairFood Passion Fruit and Blueberry line! The ingredients in this line are rich in vitamin C, B complex, and antioxidants, and they also prevent premature aging. They also have actives that help in the control of oiliness and their emollient property fights the dryness of the wires, leaving the hair soft and smooth. This step is essential to replenish water and mineral salts in dry hair, choosing products from this line is the most assertive. However, it is not enough to moisturize: the hair also needs Nutrition and Reconstruction.

For this second step, from Nutrition, there is no better alternative than the line Novex SuperHairFood Cocoa and Almonds! The Cocoa Extract nourishes and provides shine, while the Almond Oil is indicated to nourish the hair, restoring vitality to the strands, with a lot of emollience and frizz reduction. This step is responsible for restoring the nutrients and lipids of the wires, which are the fats that protect them. Nourishing the hair means nourishing it and, with the help of this line, the hair will regain its shine and strength.

Finally, the step of Reconstruction. With the Novex SuperHairFood Pitaya and Goji Berry line, you can repair the damage and restore the hair, restoring strength , flexibility and more alignment, with a complete reconstruction for bleached and chemically treated hair. This phase acts on the replacement of hair proteins, especially keratin, being responsible for ensuring elasticity and resistance to the hair fiber. Hair reconstruction is essential to say goodbye to brittle or porous hair!

Now that you know the stages of the Hair Schedule and the ideal products for each of your hair's needs with the Novex SuperHairFood line, you're ready to start a healthy routine with superfoods to feed your hair!

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