Nowadays we live in a society more and more conscious than surrounds us and, so, we include also our daily cares with the same thought. The Embelleze has the pride in saying that all the products are Cruelty Free, and more and more it is betting on products Vegan, so we know it how important this question is for our consumers.

Take care of your hair without cruelty! Know our products VEGAN!

So, we you are going to let know product to product that you can use without any fear of any ingredient of animal origin, since they are all 100 % of Vegetable Origin and PET LOVE (not tested in animals)!

Novex Infusion of Colagénio

Take care of your hair without cruelty! Know our products VEGAN!

This line was the first world-wide launch of the Embelleze in 50 years of enterprise! And it is already a success! The colagénio is a very important protein in our body, since it gives structure to the bones, cartilage, tendons … But, in spite of passing it of the years, it initiates his loss into the organism, and the hair finishes by suffering with this insufficiency. With 100 % of colagénio vegetable, Novex Infusion of Colagénio it promotes the diameter increase in 23 % and of brilliance in even 80 %, being indicated for fine and damaged hairs, fighting his fragility. Recover to your hair the whole brilliance and resistance that he deserves!

Novex Doctor Rícino

Take care of your hair without cruelty! Know our products VEGAN!

Your hairs deserve the only income of a specialist and the new line Novex Doctor Rícino it is everything what your hair needs to recover the vitality, the force and the brilliance that was withdrawn with the time. Rich woman in Vitamin And and Omega 6 and 9, this line is the best multivitamin what your hair already saw! Therefore, you can say goodbye to the scissors when the only solution is to cut, since this formula is the certain income for any problem of dry, damaged hair and with fully grown tips. Do not wait any more for time! Try!

Novex Dr. Hemp Blindagem

Take care of your hair without cruelty! Know our products VEGAN!

It seems that we are talking about a medicine, but it is our last launch: a fantastic product with IMMEDIATE ACTION, for hair problems caused by the stress. Calm the hair, return a fantastic brilliance, a healthy growth, and still strengthen and it seals the cuticles, forming a protective film that leaves the strongest and aligned hair. The piece of news Armor-plating Novex Dr. Hemp, he will be your best ally to act like a protective barrier against the harmful effects of the pollution, chemical processes, thermal processes (drier and / or top) and excessive moisture, and you will get a hair incredible and full of brilliance. Have a hair without stress and well protected!

Take care of your hair without cruelty! Know our products VEGAN!

Do you have wavy, curly or frizzy hairs? The Embelleze createdNovex My Bunch Enroladas, specially for you! Three lines are composed for champô, condicionador, mask and cream of combing.

Each type of hair applies for a different care; so, there are three options to your choice. Beginning in 2nd, we have a wavy hair, with light and more loose waves. Of 3rd to 3C, we have the snails that seem springs, from most opened to THE most shut (A/B/C). From 4th, we go for the curly hair, the famous Afro style, which can be curled or without curvature.

What is your wave? Be what it will be, the three are going to leave your healthy hair, full of brilliance and with perfect curves!

Now you have not any excuse not to use one of this or even all these lines Novex! All 100 % of vegetable origin and Pet Love (not tested in animals). For a fantastic and free hair of animal cruelty! Spoil your hair with the certain products and spread beauty and love where you will pass!

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