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In Embelleze's communication channels, we receive many questions about the hair transition and the products indicated to have healthy, beautiful and full of personality hair. To clarify all doubts and share with us all her experience, we interviewed Liliana Pereira, hair consultant and mentor at Caracóis Saudáveis ​​- a platform online whose mission is to help people improve their self-esteem , by sharing information based on the Curly Girl Method.
Embelleze Europe: What care and products do you use? How is the care routine for each hair type? Comparison between curly hair care (types 2,3 and 4) vs straight.

Healthy Curls:
 I take care of my hair giving it all the pampering it deserves, using the premises of the Curly Girl Method (CG):
* I use products compatible with GC, always having a cowash option, sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and 2 masks (with and without protein), a combing cream and a gel/gelatin.
* I like to use my hands to apply the products - massage, detangle and finish.
* I am committed to preventing damage, protecting my hair whenever possible, whether in everyday life or for sleeping (I use luxurious satin pillowcase - Healthy Curls).
The proper hair routine depends not only on the hair type, but also on its characteristics (porosity, density, thickness, etc.), daily activities and preferences (volume, definition, shrinkage factor, etc). The weather also influences!
There are so many variables that it is very difficult to establish a specific hair routine . I've done more than 200 personalized hair consultations and I still haven't repeated a hair routine! The big difference between curly hair care (wavy, curly or curly) and straight hair will be the way to finish it. Those who have curls like to bet on finishing with products and techniques that promote definition and/or volume. Those who have straight hair, usually bet on a finish that guarantees hair hydration between washes.
EE: Have you ever had a hair transition? What are the tips for those who want to make the transition or for those who are going through the hair transition.
CS: I transitioned from damaged hair to healthy hair. Even though I lost my curls, it wasn't in the straightening sequence.
However, I accompany several women who are in this process or have already overcome it. I know it takes a lot of willpower because it's not an easy process. It has not only external but also internal implications. You have to be sure that this is what you want.
I really admire the women who make this decision and who manage to see it through to the end! Many have to go through a big chop (cut all the hair straightened), and can feel that it is castrating, not only the length of the hair, but also their femininity. But I also know that it's very liberating and that you have a lifetime to enjoy healthy natural hair.
EE: What is the Curly Girl Method? What are your advantages? Why do the method? Does the hair get healthier if you use exclusive products from the CG method?
CS: The Curly Girl Method (CG) was created by Lorraine Massey, a hairdresser who realized that there were many women who didn't know how to take care of their natural hair and resorted to straightening, they always had their hair picked up, damaged and were unhappy
CG aims to be a hair care philosophy with the aim of making it healthier and simplifying the hair routine. To this end, it recommends some care in the selection of compatible products (no sulfates, silicones, petroleum derivatives, waxes, drying alcohols or parabens) and some hair care (do not use excessive heat, do not dry brush, replace traditional towel with t -shirt or microfiber, among others).
CG has many advantages, not only the obvious ones like getting healthier hair and scalp and getting to know our hair, but also improving our self-esteem!
For all that, I recommend everyone to try it, regardless of hair type or gender! Surprise yourself with the potential of your hair! I am a clear example of this!
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EE: Tell me a little about the Cowash method or a different method and its results. For example: washing hair with conditioner only.
CS: Cowash is the technique of washing with conditioner, instead of shampoo. I know it's something strange for those who have never tried it, but it can make a difference in hair that needs hydration.
No conditioner can be used as it needs to be GC compatible. There are products designed specifically for this purpose. Also, it is necessary to combine it with a good scalp massage to guarantee an effective cleaning.
Another technique that some people are not used to doing and may find it strange is using gel/gelatin on their curls. I was also surprised, but it helps a lot to keep the hair definition! Just apply a little after the combing cream, kneading the curls, from the bottom up. One of my favorite gelatines is Segura Tudo by Novex! As soon as the hair dries completely, it is possible that it will have that wet (hard) effect, but just knead the curls and the hard effect disappears, leaving the hair loose and light!
ES: No and Low poo: advantages and disadvantages of hair techniques. Are methods comparable with the Curly Girl method?
CS: No and Low Poo are techniques adapted from the Curly Girl Method, with Lorraine Massey being referred to as their author. However, this was an adaptation of the CG carried out several years ago in Brazil, fully focused on the ingredients of the products used.
Probably because it is difficult to find products compatible with CG, No and Low Poo was created. These techniques are less restrictive in terms of ingredients and ensured access to released products. However, nowadays there are already many options for compatible products and the Curly Girl Method is much more than the products used.
These are different forms of hair care and, knowing the bases and purpose of the Curly Girl Method, I made this my choice.
EE: What is the final message for girls who still don't know how to take care of and want to learn to care for and love their curls?
CS: No one should know how to take care of your hair better than you! You can make the decision to know your hair and take care of it as it deserves, daily! It's liberating to have healthy hair, simplify your hair routine and feel good about yourself! A woman with high self-esteem recognizes her worth and attracts happiness!
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