Let the leaves fall, but not your hair! Let the leaves fall, but not your hair! - Embelleze Europa
Autumn has arrived and with it the lower temperatures, the first rains and the dreaded seasonal hair loss. So that this season, only the leaves fall and your hair maintains a healthy, smooth and youthful appearance from root to tip, Embelleze has prepared a series of tips.

- Cut the summer damaged ends

After vacations spent by the sea or in the pool, it is natural for hair to carry some consequences left by the exposure of the wires to the sun, wind, sand and salt or chlorinated water. If, with the onset of autumn, the hair appears dry, with split ends or discolored (in the case of colored hair), the best way to recover the strands is to have a good haircut.

-Reset Hydration, Nutrition and Restoration levels

Because a haircut does not always solve all hair problems, we recommend that you replace the nutrients lost by your hair through a Hair Schedule, which is nothing more than a hair care technique based on 3 different stages : Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction. It aims for stronger, softer and shinier hair, with a schedule best suited for each hair type.

- Use the dryer sparingly and thermal protection

Lower temperatures encourage more frequent use of the dryer during autumn, so we suggest, if it is not possible to let the hair dry naturally, the use of a diffuser and milder temperatures - since heating the hair too much or placing the dryer too close to the root and scalp can have very negative effects. We also recommend the use of a Capillary Shield that protects the hair from thermal aggressions.

- Remove moisture and pollution from wires

Did you know that Capillary Shields  also form a protective film on the hair that reduces the damage caused by external agents, including humidity and pollution? As they offer long-lasting protection and also replenish essential lipids that optimize the shine, hydration and manageability of the strands, these hair products are an excellent way to safeguard your hair while you are out and about.

- Bet on products to combat hair loss

Many are the experts who highlight the synchronization of the hair cycle with the cycle of the seasons, and the inevitable process of hair renewal - so some seasonal hair loss during the autumn turns out to be natural. To stop the appearance of hair on the brush (which in autumn can be up to 100 strands a day!) and to promote a renewing growth of the strands, Embelleze suggests the the line Novex Jaborandi, which helps to combat hair loss and strengthens the strands, helping to combat seborrhea.

- Avoid stress and follow a balanced diet

Factors such as excess stress and the accumulation of daily tensions can effectively influence hair health. A diet deficient in nutrients can also favor a sharp hair loss, so in addition to calm, some sport and a good diet (rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants, above all), we recommend that you embrace the day to day and life with joy - after all, every autumn is unique and special, and this one will be no exception!
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