World Health Day! Know the benefits of Aloe Vera!

When we talk about Aloe Vera, our mind automatically refers to health! And it's true! Did you know that Aloe Vera, also known as Aloe Vera, is a gelatinous plant known for more than 5,000 years? This miraculous ingredient has been used since our ancestors.

Know this perfect line, Novex Super Babosão Aloe Vera, not just for this special day but for every day!

World Health Day! Know the benefits of Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera  or Aloe Vera, as it is known in Brazil, is considered one of the best natural ingredients to care for hair and skin! Did you know that this plant is extremely nutritious, regenerating and that it helps in combating the fall due to inflammation? Well, one of the fantastic features of Aloe Vera is its regenerating action, many people used it and still use it for sunburn - since it immediately refreshes the skin, minimizing irritation while regenerating it. But, it also has a highly nourishing action, which makes the skin and hair feel softer, shiny, healthy and super hydrated!

In this day World Health, we will leave you some curiosities. Do you know what your hair says about your health?

- A loss of hair is usually associated with stress. So try to meditate, reduce the pace of everyday life and relax;

- THE dry and / or split hair  often due to the lack of water. Therefore, the hydration step in our capillary schedule is very important, in addition to drinking lots of water;

- A capillary irritation  it may be associated with the products you are using or stress. Aloe Vera is perfect for these cases, as it reduces inflammation and is a great healer;

- An  healthy eating  (lots of water, vitamins, omegas, proteins) and physical exercise, together with the family Novex Super Babosão Aloe Vera, is the perfect recipe for healthy hair. Don't forget that the health of our hair is influenced by our lifestyle!

Now that you are more informed about the health of your hair, you need more reasons to use the line Novex Super Babosão Aloe Vera? This line is suitable for all types of hair, and will give your hair a super hydration, regenerate, provide a unique shine and smoothness, and even with a fantastic aroma of aloe vera! Celebrate this day with healthy hair!

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