For the seventh consecutive year, the Embelleze marked presence again in Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna - an event that more than 50 years ago joins enterprises and professionals devoted to the universes of the beauty, cosmetic and hair cares, and that this year happened between the 16 and 19th of March. This publication served for, once more, the Embelleze to show to the world the secrets of the Brazilian woman and to give proofs from which the growth and the international expansion are made accompanied by many news and conquests:
- Presence in 2 different stands:For the first time, the Embelleze disposed of oneBusiness stand (B2B), located in the section devoted to the hair cares and what served to receive all the visitors of the market, including clients, journalists and influenciadoras - also it provided lodging for space for exhibition of products, meetings and hairdresser's demonstrations to the living creature; and still oneStand of Sales (B2C), located in the section of Cash&Carry, where it was possible to acquire the products Embelleze for domestic sector (Novex and MagicLiss) and professional (Nutrisalon).
- Supportive participation in the Boutique by Cosmoprof:With offer of 1188 unities of Mask Novex Santo Black Poderoso of 100g, the Embelleze made part of the partners of this supportive initiative that, through the choice of 7 favorite samples and the respective least donation for € 10 for each visitor, collected bottoms for an institution of social solidarity - itIRST Cancer Center of Romagna.
- Launch of new products:Using the international projection of Cosmoprof Bolonha, the Embelleze did the launch of new lines of product that very much will be going to surprise his consumers, between them Champô Alisante and Armor-plating Nutrisalon Anti-Age, MagicLiss Máscara of Hair Alignment and Champô, Condicionador, Mask and Cream of Combing Novex Meus Bunch of Cinema.
- Partnership with influenciadoras renowned Italians:It always pays attention to the new tendencies of digital communication, the Embelleze welcomed in his stand several bloggers and Instagrammers who noticed the main news to his followers through his channels and social media, between themValentina CocoAngelica AlbertiFabrizia SpinelliandManu Luize.
- I contact with consumer, new markets and potential new distributors:Besides the distribution of free samples to the visitors of the market whom much interests they demonstrated in the products of the Embelleze, Cosmoprof Bologna served in order that other potential clients established new contacts, namely hairdresser's halls, points of sale, hotels & spas, chains of shops and great distributors originating from several countries. In the total, we receive visits of enterprises come from 21 countries, between them Egypt, Tunisia, Hungary, Romania, Qatar, Iran, Russia, Jordan and Algeria.
- Realization of an exclusive cocktail for clients, partners and collaborators Embelleze:Carried out on the 17th of March, in Novotel Bologna, this event brought together distributors of the Embelleze in Poland, Switzerland and Italy. Representative presents were also ofABIHPEC- matching institution of the Embelleze when the Brazilian empreendedorismo was still pawned in alavancar by the world - and several collaborators and members of the management of the Embelleze in Brazil and also of the branches of Portugal and of the USA.
To see the photographies of the Embelleze in Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018 in high resolution, clickHERE.
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