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That our #EmbellezeEmCasa Challenge was amazing, you may already know. Now you're about to find out that our contestants are amazing too! And that's why we insisted that one of the awards be an interview on our blog so that they could share all the tips about our products, hair care, self-care routine and the whole experience that involves the transformation that is meeting with the best version of ourselves.

This space was a prize for 4 of our 7 girls. And the others will also have space in a live with us. All this so that in this special women's month, and our anniversary, we can honor those who encourage and trust our work so much. Here, again, our thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge and especially to Marcella Reis, who came in 7th place and will debut this cycle of our interviews.

Embelleze Europe: What was the motivation to participate in the challenge, with the before x after your hair with our products, at home?

Marcella Reis: My motivation was to be part of the brand ambassadors, because it is a product I believe in - not only I use it but I recommend it. The results are visible and speak for themselves! 

EE: When did you start using our products and what was the hair context at the time? Was there any transformation?

MR: I've been using Embelleze for a few years now, but lately it's been an essential part of my hair schedule as I'm in the middle of a hair transition! The transformations, in my case, are not so fast, because my hair is very damaged. But because I've been using it for a long time, my roots have grown much stronger and the hair is much more aligned and nourished.

EE: What connection can you make between the words Embelleze - Transformation - Beauty?

MR: Hair is an essential part of the frame of our face, and Embelleze has the gift of transforming any woman's self-esteem , showing even more the beauty and natural structure of the threads! All for the health of our threads and our well being!

EE: Is the hair you have today the same hair you always had? If not, what has changed and why did you want to change?

MR: No. I am currently going through a difficult hair transition, which has greatly affected my self-esteem. In 2017 I wanted to change, I went red (copper) and after a year I wanted to go back to my natural color - but this transition did not go well. I burned my entire hair and, after a few months, with so much expense and without being able to recover the strands, the hair that reached my waist I cut it from the jaw! It was difficult, but nowadays I see that it was necessary! I believe the worst part is over and most of the help is due to Embelleze!

EE: Does your self-esteem depend on hair care? What are the rituals and tips you can give to help someone who is starting to understand this connection?

MR: No doubt yes! Capillary schedule is essential for hair health! Choosing good brands , use the products correctly, always use thermal protectors and avoid any source of heat as much as possible! These are the best tips for anyone who likes to preserve their hair!

EE: Which Embelleze product has transformed your hair? Is this your favourite? Tell us why?

MR: The Super Slobber! Wonderful product! It was even what I chose to make the contest video.The composition of the product is miraculous, my hair looks beautiful every time I use it! 

EE: How are you taking care of your hair and yourself, in general, in this quarantine?

MR: I never stop making the schedule, and I believe that even after the transition is over, I will continue to do it religiously The pandemic has been a very complex for all of us, but we need to be patient and tolerant, not forgetting to take care of the outside and, above all, the inside!

EE: What do you like most about Embelleze? It can be beyond the products, see?! :)

MR: What I love most about the brand, in addition to the miracles it does to my hair, is knowing that are conscientious and very responsible with the creation of each product. They are pet lovers and this is very important to me!

EE: What would you like to say to girls who have hair insecurities, or just haven't found the right product to take care of?

MR: Learning to take care of our hair type is sometimes not easy: we have to know the hair, how it behaves with each treatment and, to Therefore, the solution is to test, try out products that are suitable for us. Be patient with yourselves! We will always have insecurities, but we have to love all imperfections and understand that we are unique. There's nothing wrong or beautiful about it! 

EE: Free space! Feel free to talk about yourself, share a story/curiosity, leave a message... Enjoy!

MR: The message I would like to leave is that, however shaken our self-esteem may be, we always have to look for ways to improve our interior and not just the exterior! At this time we are going through, it is necessary to listen to our limits and learn to deal with the various feelings that arise! I also want to thank the Embelleze Family for the incredible opportunity to participate in this contest!

And for those who want to accompany me on my travel, beauty, fashion and random crazy adventures, you can find me on my instagram: @amteya ♥️


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