A brush does not serve only to comb. His functions are extremely varied and they pass because of stimulating the scalp, helping to withdraw the impunities accumulated in the threads along the day, to take the natural oiliness of the root even to the tips, to free the threads after the bathtub or still to give I support in the drying process with thermal instruments like the plank or the drier. So, the choice of the comb and of the brush more adapted for each type of hair is basic and debit applies for his best attention, in the form to guarantee the health and the care of his hair:

Wet hair

After washed (or wetted in the swimming pool or beach), the hair needs of being freed carefully with brushes or combs of wide teeth. We always recommend to begin to comb for the tips, in the form to avoid the break of the threads.

Hair in drying

The brushes with ventilation holes are halfway there for a quicker drying! Also they help to give volume and natural movement to the threads.

Hair separated in wicks

The separation combs have a fine tip that allows the easy separation of the wicks for haircuts, hairdos and chemical processes (coloration, discoloration, alisamentos, between others...).

Wavy hair

The round brushes help to define the waves of the hair, while they provide volume. Also the thermal or gifted brushes of antifrizz (with cerdas ionized) are an excellent option, since they help to model the threads and to fight the horrified hairs.

Curly and frizzy hair

The brushes with cerdas united help to align the most sensitive threads with gentleness. However, the combs-forks are another alternative to free the frizzy threads, to set the snails free and to finish hairdos.

Fine hair

The brushes of natural and more joined cerdas provide a gentle hairdo, without attacking or breaking the threads, and help to give to the hair natural volume.

Straight hair

Known because of presenting racquet format, these brushes help to withdraw volume and to maintain the smoothed effect. Also they are excellent allies of the drier!

Fragile hair or of child

Brushes with cerdas gentle to the touch are most indicated for delicate hairs, namely those of the least.  

Did he know that...?

- It must always begin to comb the hair for the tips, in the form to avoid the break of the threads. - The wooden brushes are most recommended for the one who suffers with the frizz, since they neutralize the static one of the threads. - The pottery brushes have the capacity of keeping heat and are the best option to model the hair. - The big brushes must be used in long hairs and the least in shorter hairs. - It is very important always to check the state of the cerdas of the brush, especially those of metal, in the form to preserve the health of the scalp. - Pará to maintain the clean combs and brushes is necessary to withdraw the threads of hair that are deposited after each use. A frequent higienizarão also is important, in the form to avoid dirt and accrued impunities.  

Finish to his taste!

To give the final touch to his hairdo, the Embelleze recommends the use of Creams of Combing, what serve to help to withdraw the knots and to free the wet hair; and ofHair armor-platings, since they form a protective film in the threads that reduces the damages caused by the extern agents, between them the moisture and the pollution. Also the Spray they are basic for a good maintenance of the hair - to free the threads and to define the snails, we suggest itHumidificador AfroHair; to relieve the itch and to fight the oiliness, we recommend itSerum Citrus Novex Frutas; to control the frizz and to provide hydration to the caracolinhos of the children,Spray Desembaraçante Novex My Cachinhos; to repair the hair damaged by the plank and the drier and to protect the coloration, we advise itSpray Leave In Brazilian Novex Queratina; and to seal the cuticles and to leave the gentle hairs and super brilliant, we cannot stop telling itSpray Restriction Acid Novex Tentação.
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