Festival-goers yes, but with a lot of style! Festival-goers yes, but with a lot of style! - Embelleze Europa
With the arrival of summer festivals, the most original tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, proof against dust, sun, water and, of course, lots of concerts. Embelleze has put together a series of ideas for you to enjoy the summer music season with stylish hair. - Sun protection Summer is synonymous with heat and exposure to the sun's rays, so you should be careful, not only with your skin and eyesight, but also with your hair. For this, we recommend the use of hats or scarves in the hours of greatest radiation, as well as the use of a Capillary Sunscreen that blocks the harmful effect of the sun's rays. - Intense hydration The wear and tear that the hair suffers from dust, wind, salt water, the sun and other external agents to which the hair is exported during the summer festivals needs to be, on the one hand, prevented, and on the other, recovered. Therefore, we recommend a good daily hydration (with Mask and/or Conditioner) and a replenishment of nutrients at the end of the festival season - especially if you choose the camping modality, where not always the products and conditions under which we are used to taking care of hair and home are available. - Assorted accessories In addition to helping to hold your hair and avoid unnecessary pulling during concerts, accessories are an excellent way to follow trends and immortalize the moments in a photo or video record full of charm! From flower crowns to bows, ribbons, hooks and dashes, there is a huge variety of looks to try so that every day has a totally different look and that matches your mood. - Amazing hairstyles There are those who prefer the classic and simple execution, such as braids, ponytails or ballerina tugs, but who likes to risk something more glamorous and planned, be it beach waves, boho side or inverted braids or even the famous samurai buns very much in vogue these days. When in doubt, you can always wear your hair loose, messy or dry naturally without fear of volume, after all, it's festival time and no one takes a little rebelliousness wrong. - SOS frizz If you live tormented by the small hairs that insist on appearing, frizzing or having a life of their own at the time when you most needed them domesticated, don't forget to take a Multifunctional Oil or a Conditioning Spray. in addition to being your best ally for frizzy hair, it helps to finish hairstyles and keep hair hydrated, especially at the ends. - Night care Those who have curly or frizzy hair are already used to having extra care with their hair, in order to always keep it untangled and taken care of. However, and for all hair types, satin pillowcases, styling creams and a Detangling Spray can be very helpful for always flawless hair.
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