Tips from friends, homemade tricks and advice from the Internet are not always the best and most recommended for your hair. To avoid negative, incompatible and even disastrous experiences in your hair, Embelleze presents a Hair Analysis service that offers an extremely reliable and professional diagnosis of the condition of each type of hair from the roots to the ends.

- How does Embelleze Hair Analysis work?

During this Capillary Analysis, carried out by Embelleze professionals endowed with advanced notions of Trichology (science dedicated to the study of hair and scalp), each woman is informed about the state of her hair (from the roots to the ends) and oriented for the most suitable products for the care of your specific hair type.

This detailed analysis is only possible thanks also to the Capillary Analysis instruments (scanner coupled to a computer monitor) used by Embelleze, which allow the extension of the wires up to 350 times!

- Where to try Embelleze's Hair Analysis service?

Embelleze's Capillary Analysis service is performed every day from north to south of Portugal, at various points of sale. To consult the daily schedule of our Hair Analysis service daily or weekly, simply consult the website of Embelleze Portugal ON HERE. Our professionals are waiting for your visit!


- Curiosities about hair

- There are between 90 and 150 thousand hairs on the human scalp;
- On average, each strand of hair grows 1 cm per month (0.37 mm per day);
- Normal hair loss is between 50 and 100 hairs daily;
- Hair is composed of approximately 85% Keratin, a protein also found in the nails, feathers, beaks and hooves of animals;
- Human hair strands are divided into 3 distinct layers:
  • Cuticle:Outermost layer that suffers all external aggressions, such as sun, pollution or heat;
  • Cortex:Intermediate part of the thread that reacts to moisture, hydration and chemical transformations;
  • Marrow:Central hair core composed of blood and oxygen.
- There are several types of hair:
  • Smooth or Mongoloid, designation due to the Asian region of Mongolia, where fine and very straight / straight hair abound;
  • Wavy or Caucasoid, Nomenclature from the Caucasus and the surrounding regions of Europe and Western Asia, where hair with a smooth root and wavy length (2A, 2B, 2C) is abundant;
  • Curly, type of hair originated by racial miscegenation and characterized by having curls / curls from the root to the ends (3A, 3B, 3C), with scalp more oily than the length and the tips drier.
  • Curly or Afro, hair with very narrow curls (4A, 4B, 4C) and strong tendency to dryness, being sensitive to excess heat coming from devices such as dryers or boards. The wires can reach a large volume in the style of Black Power.
Embelleze's Hair Analysis service is completely free!
Don't miss the interview with Dienefirely Salgado, a specialist in Hair Analysis at Embelleze interviewed on Record TV Europa!  
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