Attention! One of the most important days of the year is coming: Mother's Day! If we look up the various meanings of the word Mother in the dictionary, we will find several definitions such as: a Fantastic Being, Affectionate and Protective Woman, among others. That's why we don't want to leave this date blank, and we'll help you choose the perfect gift to give to the most special woman in your life!


We often don't know what to offer on this date, because everything is little for what our mother has done for us since we were born. However, Embelleze thought of everything! We will give you several gift options, so that now you can take care of her and her beauty, because we always feel more loved and special when we are beautiful and, in the Embelleze family, Beauty is our Culture ! A tip: at the end of this article, we have a very special treat! Ready to make your mother even more beautiful?

Is your mother fascinated by the smell of coconut and needs an express hydration? We have a wonderful line: Novex Coconut Oil, suitable for all types of hair, with real coconut pulp, and with a packaging that doesn't even need how pretty and feminine it is! It will leave hair soft, shiny, super hydrated and with a coconut scent that will perfume everywhere it goes. She won't want anything else!

Linha Novex Óleo de Coco

Have you ever heard your mother say that her hair is losing its strength, or that it is getting thinner and thinner? From the age of 50 onwards, the loss of collagen in the body begins, and the hair ends up suffering from this insufficiency, as collagen is a very important protein in our body: it gives structure to bones, cartilage, tendons, etc. So, to make your mother's hair even more beautiful and stronger, we have a fantastic line with 100% plant and vegan collagen: Novex Collagen Infusion! Don't waste time, this product is now in stock on our website!

Novex Infusão de Colagénio

Although we are still confined indoors, do you want your mother to have hair worthy of a hostess? We have a fresh news that will leave you with a smile from ear to ear. Novex Doctor Castor - an injection of strength for the hair! This line will leave her hair nourished, hydrated, full of shine and will reduce breakage! Ready to be your mother's favorite daughter?

Novex Doctor Rícino

Have you ever heard your mother say that her afro is still not perfect? That her hair still isn't the way she wants it? So, we have a powerful line for her: AfroHair Style, which is made up of a vast list of products, everything to make her feel like a Queen! Her hair will be defined, loose and there will be no shortage of compliments!! Offer a crown worthy of a Queen to the most special woman in your life and on such a special day as this!

Embelleze Estilo AfroHair

Does your mother use a hairdryer or a flat iron in her daily life? Then this is the ideal gift for her! Every day we often forget to protect our hair against these thermal aggressions, whether to make the hair smoother, reduce volume and frizz, or even not leave the house with wet hair - all these small acts can damage the hair.But did you know that Embelleze has the perfect thermal protector to offer your mother? A Novex Gold Shield! It is one of the favorite products of our Novex Lovers and our hairdressers, because the hair is left with a professional finish, full of shine and super soft! On this special day, give your mother a golden glow!Blindagem Novex Gold

Now that you have all the tips for the best gifts for this day, we have a Fantastic OFFER: for every order you place on our website, we will OFFER one Novex My Curls Mask 100gr, to be included in the gift you are going to give to your mother! This campaign* is valid from today (22/04/2020) until Mother's Day (03/05/2020) What are you waiting for?! Run to our website and offer your queen a crown of products!

*Campaign valid for existing stock!

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