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That kits are hugely successful around here, everyone knows. But they weren't fixed, but seasonal. We launched limited-stock kit combinations and they sold out quickly. Now, to fulfill the orders, the kits are back to stay (and save)!

To start with the fixed kits, the line of reasoning was quite simple: to highlight the most used products in the hair routine and the most successful lines. That's why it wasn't difficult to get to the first 6 kits: the Novex Meus Cachos line, Novex Super Babosão Aloe Vera, Novex Enroladas (one kit for each range) and Novex Pra Bombar Café.

But after all, if they are all fantastic… Which Embelleze Kit should I choose?

We made sure to create options that were suitable for all types of hair - from wavy, curly, curly and even straight! Find out below the best combination for you, according to the differential of each line, thinking about what your hair needs at the moment.

MY CURLS KIT: The mix of 7 vegetable oils and Cranberry provides a lot of nutrition, essential for all types of curls. Plus: maintains and defines wavy, curly and frizzy hair.

ALOE VERA KIT: This line guarantees maximum hydration for all hair types! The Aloe Vera ingredient is a classic and very nutritious plant, leaving the hair silky, with a lot of shine and strength.

WAVED ROLLED KIT: One of the 3 range options for hydration and volume, without weighing you down! With ingredients based on moringa extract, almond oil and green apple extract, the Novex Meus Cachos Enroladas Onduladas line is indicated for wavy and curly hair types 2ABC and 3A.

KIT ENROOLADAS CACHEADAS: The Novex Meus Cachos Cacheadas line is indicated for curly hair, with 3BC curvatures and for people who go through the Hair Transition. The products in this range have ingredients such as avocado oil, argan oil and vegetable keratin. This combination of ingredients moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

CROLLATED KIT: The last range of the Novex Meus Cachos Enroladas line is aimed at curly hair. The ingredients could not be more suitable for 4ABC hair curvature types, with the combination of three wonderful oils: castor, coconut and mango seed, which results in hydrated and soft wires. Guaranteed smooth and dry hair without the dryness.

COFFEE PUMP KIT: Provides an energizing power to the wires, leaving them with shine, natural movement and very silky. The ingredients also provide emollience and hydration!

For those who want growth, the Novex Pra Bombar Café line will make your hair pump with even more energy! Suitable for all hair types. Contains Caffeine, Vitamin E, D-Panthenol and amino acids.

And we don't stop there! In the section “Outlet”, we also have 2 options of kits available with our products BioSalut and with the Novex O Poderoso Carvão line to complete your hair care routine at any time of the year.

The Hands & Body Kit provides maximum hydration and skin protection with 3 BioSalut products, our Hygiene and Personal Care brand : a Silicone Glove and 2 Liquid Soaps for Hands and Body, with ingredients such as Glycerin and Fennel.

The Silicone Glove is a guarantee of hand protection against external agents and the certainty of a hydrated and soft skin.With ingredients such as Silicone Oil and Shea Butter, it is dermatologically tested and also has a vegan formula with antibacterial action

Liquid Soaps, on the other hand, cleanse the skin in a practical, effective and non-drying way. Ingredients such as Glycerin and Fennel, provide a humectant action and leave a soft and delicate scent, respectively.

The Charcoal Kit, consists of the 1kg mask for good hydration + the Anti-Pollution Shielding Spray, to protect the hair before subjecting it to thermal actions, for example. The line has the characteristic of guaranteeing purification, protection and restoration for all types of hair.

The products of the Novex O Poderoso Carvão line are recognized for creating a protective barrier against toxic substances in the air and water, thanks to elements such as Charcoal, Fiber Detox and Hidrovance.

And what's more: it leaves your hair smelling delicious! These are the latest products available from the line! So, take the opportunity to try and see how amazing this range is.

What now? Do you already know which Embelleze Kit will be chosen? Don't waste time and grab yours before they run out - they are fixed, but very much in demand! :)

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