Untangled Mothers - Tangled? Only in the hair! Untangled Mothers - Tangled? Only in the hair! - Embelleze Europa

Being a mother is learning to make do with yourself, having to take care of yourself, all the tasks of work and family. Because of this, in the month of May, Embelleze chose to pay tribute to all the beautiful and wonderful mothers! Meet our #Unrolled Mothers.

The Rita Mendes was our Uncurled Wavy Mother; Blaya Rodrigues, our Curly Unrolled Mother; and Mariama Barbosa, our Crespa Unrolled Mother. All of them used the Novex Meus Cachos Enroladas line for the respective types of hair curvature. In their social networks, they shared with us the experience of each product, in addition to giving tips and telling how they like to take care of themselves and their hair. 

Our Unrolled Mothers participated in a live with us and told us, among other things, the secrets to taking care of their curls. We know each one's favorite products and also the way and the hair and care routine in general, as mothers and women. The conversation was super fun, light and full of content! Check out how it went on our IGTV. We prepared a guide with the main tips of our live.

The three ranges that each represented are composed of shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and hair cream.

You may be wondering why each one used a different range and the answer is simple: each type of hair requires different care, and the Novex Meus Cachos Enroladas line knows that, as it has a range to each type of snail. So, starting with 2A, we have wavy hair, with light and looser waves. From 3A to 3C, we have curls that look like springs, from the most open to the most closed (A/B/C). Starting from 4A, we go to curly hair, the Afro style, which can be crimped or without curl.

See below for an example of all the hair types and curls we find these days.

And, with each hair type in mind, each formula in this line was carefully created for each one's needs:

My Curled Curls - Wavy: Suitable for 2ABC+3A hair, contains Moringa oil  (Vitamin A and C, rich in fatty acids), Green Apple Extract (powerful antioxidant and highly nutritious) and Almond Oil (Vitamins A, B1, B2 and E), to hydrate and nourish wavy hair, without weighing it down.

My Curly Curls – Curly (Curly): Suitable for 3BC hair, with Avocado oil (high in vitamins), Argan oil (rich in vitamins A, D and E, and Omegas 3 and 6) and Keratin Vegetable, to nourish and rebuild curls, leaving them brighter, healthier and more defined.

My Curly Curls – Curly: Suitable for 4ABC hair, enriched with Castor oil (reduces shedding due to breakage), Coconut oil (Vitamins E and K) and Mango Seed Oil (vitamins A, C and complex B), to strengthen the hair strands, with a soft touch and without weighing it down. Say goodbye to dry and lifeless hair!

Do you want to have well cared for hair, with 100% Vegan products and the Pet Love seal (which does not test on animals)? Do as the Unrolled Mothers do and choose your product from the Novex Meus Cachos Enroladas line now!

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