Did you know that a woman can change the style of her hair up to 150 times all her life? The conclusions are from a study in the journal Daily Mail and reveal that the reasons for variations in Look are related to the desire for change, the influence of celebrities and the transformations that take place during life, such as the end of a relationship, the birth of a child or the change of employment, among others. Hair painting is one of the most frequent transformations in a woman's look and to protect the threads of chemicals that alter its structure and resistance and prolong staining, Embelleze suggests the following 5 maintenance, care and repair tips of painted wires:

1 - Avoid very hot water

Washing hair with excessively hot water can make hair painted spleens and oily. We therefore suggest that you maintain the temperature of the water in the tepid bath and that, whenever possible, finish washing your hair with a cold water jet in order to protect the brightness, color and health of the painted wires.

2 - Replace lost Keratin

Given that Keratin is the main protein that makes up the hair structure and that hair subject to chemical processes (including staining and discoloration) may have its amount of Keratin reduced by half, we recommend capillary care with the line Novex Brazilian Keratin. Because it is hydrolyzed, the Brazilian Keratin provides rapid absorption, providing replacement of the lost protein mass, hydration, strength, strength, brightness and natural flexibility of the wires.

3 - Keep hair smooth and shiny

Once painted or discolored - and due to the chemical components present in coloring and discoloration, including Ammonia - the hair gets open and weakened cuticles and loses water and nutrients, becoming fragile, dry, rebellious and spleen. In order to balance the PH of hair, seal the cuticles and thus replenish the brightness and natural luminosity of the hair, we recommend maintaining the coloring with products of more acidcontent, such as the line Novex Acid Temptation, with Apple Cider Vinegar.

4 - Protect overheat wires

In the impossibility of being able to allow hair to dry naturally, we recommend the use of a Capillary Shieldingor a Conditioning Spray with thermal protection that protects hair from heat (and also from the excess sun, as it can function as a natural bleach) and prolong the duration of the coloration.

5 - Move away from aggressive substances

Many agents can damage or remove the vivacity of their coloring, such as more aggressive soaps, anti-waste shampooor Chlorine present in the water of the pools, which can even fade and give the wires a greenish hue or Orange.
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