Many of them have been in the historical eras of the curly hair to your brand image. The waves are more or less well defined ground in compact or super long and also thick without being afraid of the volume are a few of the looks that we gave to our past, the more the freedom, the glamour, beauty and femininity to be, or not to be on the ground in the curves in the sexiest and most beautiful women. The Embelleze move up in the trim to the history of the time, and recalls, in this article are some of the trends that have made it to the ground, the king and queen of the fashion hair: and The huge wavy hair in the Victorian Era During the Victorian Era (during the reign of queen Victoria, between 1837 and 1901), and the hair was a symbol of femininity and most important part of the appearance of a female, no less important, it was not the custom of cutting the hair, and the long (and valuable) threads were wrapped up in the demo is extremely elaborate and decorated with ribbons, feathers and jewels. The hair was also a symbol of status, as a healthy hair was a sign of the abundance of food and opportunities for economic and hygienic conditions to take care of your appearance. Interestingly, it is believed that the hair of a woman is reflected in her personality, and curly hair were the most popular at this point in time, women using this type of hair is regarded as the sweetest and most well-laid out. It is not surprising, therefore, that the curl in the hair is a part of the routine of women, in order to meet the requirements of the time.



On the ground in the victory during World War II While the men were serving in fields of battle, and the Victory Rolls they were helping the women to enter the labour market. Also referred to as the "ground of victory" (as it was as a result of the demo with the ground, which the women helped to assemble the aircraft, which gave the victory to the allies during the second world War, with the Victory Rolls is connected to the hair with the help of nets, ribbons, and scarves), and they avoided it so much that the women make a break for to fix your hair like long hair, female, were arrested in connection with the machine. The trick is to also enable save you on trips to the hairdresser, and save on the washing, at a time when it was a shortage of goods, which we consider to be the basics. This style is sophisticated, simple and practical, has allowed her reputation in the society. At the same time, and with the development of the models and the pin-upstyle made popular in the movie star, Rita Hayworth, Bettie Grable, Veronika Lake or Marilyn Monroe.               The Black Power from the freedom in the '60s and' 70s Who doesn't remember the mini-skirts, the loose trousers in to the mouth of the bell to the sleeves and collar, long, and healthy of all it's free, which apregoavam of freedom to the four winds during the decades of the 60's and 70's? The Hippies, the activists, the feminists, and movements of the african variety called ' rights and freedoms, and that part of the claim and the dispute has gone through the freedom that you have given of your own hair. The Black Power spread across the beauty of the natural hair, curly hair, and curly, and the fashion has spread through all quadrants of the social and gender, including the masculine side of names such as Michael Jackson, or Jimi Hendrix, and from the other side of the women, Nina Simone, Elaine Brown, Angela Davis, or even Oprah Winfrey - the popular host of the television is strongly influenced by the mentor and also writer Maya Angelou, one of the great voices of the civil rights of african-americans.                 Of the crazy standing from the 80's Who doesn't have a lot of photos of a family member with a enchumaços clothing, leggings, leggins , fluorescent, or large free rolling cast the first stone! The permanent hair without a leash, and that little bit of extra volume, and gave the body to the mid-80s and the sky was the limit to the number of waves in the ground (many times forced to roll out of plastic and iron hot, which increased the autonomy, the power, the strength, and the determination of the modern woman, depicted in the figures, the iconic as Farrah Fawcett, Madonna, Cher or Tina Turner.                 The present and the future, and have a wave for every taste At the intersection of cultures, life styles and fashion trends that are here to stay for the ride to the globalization and the technological age, which puts all of the trends at the click of a button, and it gives all women the freedom to use the ground's natural (or processed) to the extent that its dreams, its identity and its aspirations. To take it to the sea, the wavy and the kinky, the freedom, the setting, the nutrition and the volume that you deserve, at Embelleze, it offers many product lines specifically designed for every type of curly hair: the Line Novex My Curls: Made up of Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Ritual-of-the Fitagem and various Creams to Style, this line brings together seven powerful oils to nourish and functional (Olive oil, Argan oil, Ojon, Monoi, Coconut, Shea Butter and Moringa), and the snails, in addition to proper hydration and nutrition, and the powerful action of antifrizz and shine great. Line-Style AfroHair: wave, natural wavy, more defined, and passing it through thick and tired of it, and large, this offers the hair with extra softness, hydration, brightness and volume control, to the extent you are. For this purpose, the line AfroHair it has the Shampoo, hair Conditioner, Trigger, Ground, Estilizador Snail Cream, the Brush, Wetting, and Wetting in Oil or Cream. The line Novex for My Goldilocks:- Tested and dermatologist-approved, this line has been exclusively designed for the specific needs of the child with the curly hair. It consists of Shampoo, hair Conditioner, Trigger, Ground, and bug Spray Desembaraçante.
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