Before the calendar marries the end of the beach season and sunbathing, we have a number of tips that your hair will love to put into practice to stay healthy until the end of the year:
- Protect your hair from the sun with accessories (hats, scarves...)
- Wash and rinse the strands thoroughly with fresh water after the beach
- Moisturize and nourish with Mask and Conditioner the most fragile hair (painted, smoothed, discolored...)
- Avoid attaching wet wires so as not to break them
- Cut damaged tips
- Apply Capillary Shielding to protect the wires from homemade thermal aggressions (dryer, plank...)
- Follow a healthy diet (fruits, cereals, natural juices and lots of water) to take care of your hair from the inside
- Always use specific hair products for summer and post-summer
Our suggestion: Novex My Beach
With Algae Extract, Coconut Water and Green Tea!
Ideal for use during sun exposure and for untangling the wires after diving, the Spray Novex My Beachprevents dryness and loss of moisture from the strands, leaving them soft and shimmering.
For post-sun exposure care, full of hydration, softness and nutrient replacement, Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Novex My Beachare the perfect triple that washes, conditions and softens hair dry and damaged by sun exposure and sea water and pool!
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