New ARMOR Novex Dr. Hemp: the product that is the solution against str New ARMOR Novex Dr. Hemp: the product that is the solution against str - Embelleze Europa

It seems that we are talking about a remedy, but it is our latest release: a fantastic product with IMMEDIATE ACTION, for hair problems caused by stress. It soothes the hair, restores a fantastic shine, healthy growth, and also strengthens and seals the cuticles forming a protective film on the hair, leaving it stronger and more aligned.

Stress can cause frizz, fall and leave your hair dry, so this shielding acts as a protective barrier against all damage caused by stress. This protector is suitable for all hair types (and all textures!), as it has heat protection properties, promotes healthy growth and leaves hair silky and with an AMAZING shine!


But how is this result achieved with high protection, reconstruction and frizz control?

The key ingredient in this formula is Cannabis Sativa seed oil, which contains fatty acids including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 that support healthy hair growth. In this formula, an infusion with proteins was also added that rebuild the hair fiber and strengthen the hair cuticle, as well as relieving damage due to the excessive use of dryers and other heat and coloring utensils. The Cannabis Sativa seed also has other nutrients, such as calcium, zinc and iron, which help nourish the hair.

If you've come this far, and you're still wondering if the product is really beneficial, don't worry, the fantastic Cannabis Sativa seed oil does not contain THC and CBD (psychoactive substances derived from plants). So you can use it without any fear and prejudice! ✅ Being of vegetable and organic origin, through Cannabis, it was possible to make this release 100% Vegan and Pet Love (not tested on animals).

This product is innovative even in the way it is used! Typically, heat protectants are not applied directly to the hair shaft, but Dr. Hemp recommends using it this way. And, you can choose the size of the packaging: the traditional 237g version or the 100g travel size version, which is ideal to take on your travels and even to the gym!

The new Novex Dr. Hemp, will be your best ally to act as a protective barrier against the harmful effects of pollution, chemical processes, thermal processes (transformation processes, dryer and iron) and excessive humidity, and you will get incredible hair, full of shine and stress free! She has stress-free and well-protected hair 😊

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