Your dream is to have Natural Waves, Defined Snails or Powerful Curls? You can wake up, because Embelleze created the perfect line for you! Say hello to AfroHair style!  Finally your hair will be extremely soft, hydrated and full of shine. Wear your crown proudly !!

Embelleze AfroHair Style

This powerful line consists of a vast list of products, all to make you feel like a queen! And so, we will help you step by step to learn how to make the most of AfroHair Style, and have the infallible formula of stunning hair!

Novex AfroHair Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo  and ConditionerAfroHair Style

Enriched with Castor oil, Argan oil  and D-Panthenol, shampoo and conditioner provide hydration and prolonged shine. The hair is soft and without split ends.

Shampoo: Apply to wet hair. Massage gently. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary.

Conditioner: Apply to wet hair. Massage gently. Let stand for 2 minutes and rinse well.

Novex AfroHair Style Mask

AfroHair Style Mask

One of the new features in the AfroHair Style family, that you won't want to stop using! Good hydration of curved hair is very important, as it tends to lose its strength and shine.

How to use:  Apply the AfroHair Style Mask, massage gently and let it act for 3 minutes. If you need extra hydration, you can leave 10 minutes for your hair to absorb all the properties of this mask.

Novex AfroHair Hair Oil

AfroHair Style Hair Oil

One of the great news, and the most desired products of curly and curly! This oil is a complement to a hair fit for a queen! Moisturizes, controls frizz and avoids split ends. You won't want to stop experimenting!

How to use: Apply to damp or dry hair. Do not rinse!

Novex AfroHair Curl Activator

Curl Activator

It is ideal for "Day After": use the AfroHair Style Curl Activator to shape curls daily, until the next wash!

How to use: Apply to damp hair and throughout its length, modeling with your fingertips. Do not rinse!

Comb cream

How to use: To untangle, apply the AfroHair Style Combing Cream evenly on damp or dry hair, along its entire length. Do not rinse!

Novex AfroHair Hair Styling Gel

Hair Styling Gel AfroHair Style

This is one of the great news of this line! This styling gel will make your routine easier, so you can define your curvature without despair! You can mix it with the combing cream or the curl activator!

How to use: Spread the AfroHair Styling Gel on your hands and apply it evenly to damp or dry hair. If you prefer, use a comb or brush to create the desired hairstyle.

Novex AfroHair Hair Humidifier

AfroHair Style Hair Humidifier

In "Day After", spread the AfroHair Style Humidifier on dry hair to revitalize them. This is a very important step, for your snails to come back to life in the days after washing!

How to use: Spray the spray on the entire length of the hair and with the ends and gently knead the curls to revitalize them! Do not rinse!

Now that you have the step-by-step step of how to use each afrohair product correctly, what are you waiting for? Run to our website and don't miss another day so you can have a hair worthy of a queen! And don't forget, for a perfect result it's essential to use the full line! Share and send your results!

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