Do you have curly, curly hair or curly hair? Embelleze created this line especially for you! That's three choices of your choice! You want a hair full of volume and looser? Or would you rather have more control with more defined curls?

Undefeated? Curly? Crop? Here's a new one, Novex My Curly Curves!

What is your thing? Whatever it is, all three of them are gonna make your hair look healthy, sparkly and perfect curves!

Undefeated? Curly? Crop? Here's a new one, Novex My Curly Curves!

The three lines are composed of shampoo, conditioner, mask and comb cream. So I.D. your hair type so you know what the perfect line is for you:

Each hair type requires a different care. So, starting at the 2A, we have a curly hair, with lighter waves and looser waves. From 3A to 3CWe have snails that look like springs, from the most open to the most closed (A/B/C). From the 4ALet's go to curly hair, the famous Afro style, which can be frizzy or without curvature.

And, thinking of each type of hair, each formula was carefully thought out for each person's needs:

My curly curlscontains: contains Hey.Moringa leo (Vitamin A and C, rich in fatty acids), Apple Extract Green (powerful antioxidant and highly nutritious) and Hey.Am leoalmonds (Vitamins A, B1, B2 and E) to hydrate and nourish wavy hair without weighing it.

My curly curls Curly (Curly): with OAvocado lion (high vitamin content) Hey.Leo of Argan (rich in vitamins A, D and E, and omega 3 and 6) and Vegetable keratinto nurture and reconstruct the snails, and make them brighter, healthier and more defined.

My curly curls CropsEnriched with Hey.Ruby oilcino (reduces drop by break), Hey.Coconut oil (Vitamins E and K) and Hey.Mango Seed oil (vitamins A, C and complex B), to strengthen the capillary wires, with a soft touch and without regret. Say good-bye to dry, lifeless hair!

And we save the best for last: all products are 100% Vegan! So do not miss this opportunity to have perfect hair with 100% vegetable and Pet Love products (untested on animals)!

Pick your wave and show me the power of your curve with Novex My Curly Curves!

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