Easter with Embelleze: discover the ideal products for your family! Easter with Embelleze: discover the ideal products for your family! - Embelleze Europa
Páscoa com Embelleze: conhece os produtos ideais para a tua família!

The Easter is one of the most awaited celebrations by the family, as it is synonymous with meeting, sharing love, exchanging gifts, offering chocolates and almonds… A union of beauty in every way. And when we talk about beauty, we can't forget about hair! That's why we have a specific line for each person in your family. If you don't know what to offer this year, we have several options on our website! Take a look!

Let's start with children. We never know what to offer the youngest of the family, other than sweets, but now you have the ideal gift! The Novex Meus Cachinhos line is perfect for leaving the little ones hair soft, hydrated and with a fantastic and sweet aroma. But don't come alone, because you can download or send the book Meus Cachinhos: Passatempos!, through our website for free!

Novex Meus Cachinhos

For Grandmother and Grandfather, we always choose gifts with care! Well, we know how important they are in our lives. And, to make them even more beautiful, and with stronger hair, we have a fantastic line with 100% plant and vegan collagen! Collagen is a very important protein in our body, as it gives structure to bones, cartilage, tendons... But, from the age of 50, it starts to lose it in the body, and the hair ends up suffering from this insufficiency. Therefore, the Novex Collagen Infusion line is the perfect line for them!! Don't waste time, this product is now in stock on our website!

Novex Infusão de Colagénio

With so many family gatherings, we no longer know what to offer to Mother and Father. But we know that they love to pamper themselves and are always impeccable to be the hosts of the party! That's why we have a fresh novelty that will leave you with a smile from ear to ear. Novex Doctor Castor - an injection of strength for the hair! This line will leave your parents' hair nourished, hydrated, full of shine and will reduce hair loss due to breakage! With this gift, you'll be your favorite daughter in no time!

Novex Doctor Rícino

Last but not least, the Cousins and the Uncles!! We often only see them at these family gatherings, and we like to offer them something that makes them feel special. We have a wonderful line, Novex Coconut Oil, suitable for all hair types, with a package that doesn't even need wrapping, it's so pretty! It will leave hair soft, shiny, super hydrated and with a coconut scent that will perfume everywhere it goes. They will be surrendered!

Novex Óleo de Coco

Now that you have all the suggestions for each member of the family, what are you waiting for?! Even if you can't be with everyone, at this time of quarantine, Embelleze makes shipments all over mainland Portugal! Run to our website and don't miss this opportunity to give a smile to every special person in your life! Embelleze Europa wishes you a Happy Easter!

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