Winter is already showing signs of coming. However, that's no excuse to leave skin care just for now. The skin hydration routine should be daily, and so that you can understand when it is asking for more attention.

Baths become warmer and part of the skin's protective barrier is eliminated in this process. The result is dull, dry skin, with allergies and cracks.

The extremities of the body, especially the hands, are the first parts of the body that are most exposed and feel the low temperatures and changes in temperature (the inside with heater, the outside, cooler). Especially because of the current world scenario we live in, hand hygiene has never been so necessary and important, through Gel Alcohol. And the junction of sensitive hands, dry and bruised by temperature and hotter baths, is more aggravated when we use alcohol to sanitize them. Who hasn't felt a burning sensation? Alcohol causes this reaction and hands that were already damaged are even more compromised. Therefore, the solution is to frequently apply a moisturizing cream after washing your hands (either with water, or even alcohol gel).

Embelleze is aware of all this and, with the aim of solving this issue, has developed a new product: the new BioSalut Silicone Glove, the our new Moisturizing Cream for hand protection with Silicone Oil and Shea Butter, to add to the other products of our newly launched brand BioSalut, Hygiene and Personal Care. The 2 in 1 action of this product is focused on protection, as it has antibacterial and moisturizing action, in addition to creating a velvety film against dryness.

Now our customers have the perfect (and VEGAN!) ally to use with our BioSalut Gel Alcohol - which already has the differential of being super hydrating, because of Aloe Vera - and complete their hygiene and care routine personal. Its 90g size is perfect to accompany you, whether in the suitcase, in the car or on trips. Your hands are as soft as a glove!

The product is now available on our website and the best part: it is dermatologically tested. Take care of yourself with this new product from our brand BioSalut :)

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