Much is said about Capillary Botox - however, do we really know what it is about? To remove all doubts, the Embelleze  gathered the main questions and answers on this topic, check below!

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What is Capillary Botox?

Capillary Botox is the name given to the intensive hydration process that seals the scales of the hair strands, recovering their natural moisture and proteins that are lost over time, such as keratin.

What is the expected result?

The result depends on the condition of each hair. However, there is an increase in brightness and a decrease in frizz, volume and split ends. This is because the Botox Capillary promotes the strengthening of hair strands, thus renewing the appearance of the hair.

What type of hair is it suitable for?

Capillary Botox can be made on all types of hair, although it is more suitable for people who have damaged hair, due to the frequent use of a hairdryer, straightener or even because of chemical treatments, such as discoloration or progressive straightening. It is important that, before applying the product, the wicks test is carried out to check for possible allergies or contraindications of the product.

Does Hair Botox serve to straighten hair?

Capillary Botox is not intended to straighten your hair, like progressive straightening. However, it is able to reduce the volume and make the hair more shiny.

How to know the brand of Capillary Botox to be used?

When choosing the brand of Capillary Botox to be used, we must first check if they follow the recommendations of Infarmed (National Authority for Medicines and Health Products). It is also worth taking into account the application procedure adopted by each brand, as well as the ingredients contained in the product formulation.

The brand Nutrisalon, has a product line of Hair Botox  that leaves hair with less volume, softer and incredible shine! All of this in just 2 steps!  The line Nutrisalon Anti-Age  it's composed by Straightening Shampoo  and Shielding: everything for perfectly aligned hair, sealed and protected against external agents and the daily damage that can cause the aging of hair strands.

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