Who has never dreamed of having healthy hair without leaving home? And, even better, with products that provide a hairdressing result at home? We believe the answer is, all of us! Right?

This is because our hair ends up being damaged due to the various aggressions of everyday life, such as the high temperatures of the dryer and the board, the sun, the wind, the sea water and the pool, in addition to the chemical processes, that end up removing the natural keratin produced by our body, leaving hair dry and dull.

With these factors in mind, Nutrisalon created the Nutrisalon HNR hair line, which offers effective and long-lasting care to restore the vitality, smoothness and shine of your hair strands.

THECapillary Scheduleit's composed by 3 fundamental steps: hydrationNutritionandReconstruction:

THEHydrationand thefirst stage of the Capillary Schedule, and it is essential to replenish the water and the mineral salts of dry hair. It is indicated for all hair types,  leaving them soft and shiny. THE Nutrisalon HNR Hair Hydration Mask, for being composed of Hyaluronic Acidinternally restores the hair fiber,  leaving the hair more silkysmooth and hydrated.

THENutrition stage is responsible for replenishing the nutrients and lipids from hair strands. Lipids are the fats produced naturally by the sebaceous glands in our scalp, which protect the hair. Excessive frizz, volume and split ends are just some of the signs that hair needs nutrition. THE Hair Nutrition Mask Nutrisalon HNR, is composed of 7 nutritious and vegetable oils, which will return lost nutrients to the hair. These oils, rich in antioxidantsvitaminsfatty acids and minerals, help control frizz, contribute to growth, restore damage and shine and resistance to hair.


Finally, we have the stage of Reconstruction, which acts on the replacement of proteins in hair strands, especially keratin (protein produced by the human body, which represents about 90% of the hair strand constitution), being responsible for ensuring strength, elasticity and resistance to the hair fiber. THE Capillary Reconstruction Mask Nutrisalon HNR,  has a complex of four amino acids present in the hair fiber, such as arginine, cysteine, proline and serine,  that gives greater resistance to the hair. The amino acids they can bind to the hair fiber and fill the spaces in damaged hair. In this way the hair is repaired and the cuticles sealed.

Now that you know how to take care of a hairdresser without leaving home, you can take the porosity test to find out what your hair's main need is. The test is very simple to be performed at home. See how:

When your hair is clean and dry, comb and separate an entire strand that comes out of the brush. Fill a glass container with water and place the wire inside. Look, after a few minutes and see the result of the porosity and the main need for care.

Capillary Porosity Test


Ready! You are now ready to create your hair care calendar. Remember to take an interval of 48 hours, between one wash and another.

  • If your hair indicated low porosity, it is a sign that your cuticle is very closed, so your hair is healthy. Bet on the program hydrationto reinforce the texture.
  • If your hair indicated medium porosity, it means that it is slightly damaged, so you can bet on nutrition.
  • If your hair indicated high porosity, it is a sign that your cuticles are very open and very damaged. So, you should bet on reconstruction.

Check the care table for four weeks of hair schedule:

Care table for four weeks of capillary schedule


Now that you know everything about capillary schedule, are you ready to put your hair care into practice without leaving your home?

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