Homemade recipes: good for the hair or just for eating? Homemade recipes: good for the hair or just for eating? - Embelleze Europa

It is very common to see content on the internet giving tips on how to use homemade recipes on hair, either 100% based on natural foods, or divided with hair products when applied, as a rule, in treatment masks. Many people fall into the temptation to consider a natural method of care for the hair routine, but what is sometimes not taken into account is that few of these recipes are really well used by the hair. Let's explain better.


According to hairdressers and trichologists, homemade recipes may have limited power in topical action for hair treatment. On the other hand, a diet rich in nutrients can bring numerous benefits to the hair. Which means that maintaining healthy habits collaborates directly so that we can see positive effects on our body as a whole, including our locks. In other words: the absorption of homemade recipes is limited, but the more we eat foods rich in nutrients, we end up helping, sometimes, even more than the food we give the hair from the outside in.


It is not by chance that the cosmetics industry works incessantly with a team that involves professionals such as hairdressers, chemists and even dermatologists, to combine the best of natural ingredients with the products they create. All this is done so that you have the perfect balance, with the correct measures of ingredients that will really work. The technology added to years of study made specialists discover which ingredients are capable of treating the hair in the best way, so that these actives penetrate the strands.


What is even more worrying about the use of homemade recipes is that, although they do not have a significantly positive and lasting effect, they can damage the hair. The use of an ingredient, which was not made for a certain use with another, can have serious consequences and can also invalidate the action of the product to be used later. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid methods that have not been tested by a laboratory and approved by local health bodies.


A good example is coffee. It is well known for helping hair growth and this has been scientifically proven. However, this result occurs in adequate quantity and formulation. That's why we have the Novex Pra Bombar Café line, which also provides energizing power to the hair, combined with Castor Oil , which provides emollient, moisturizing and detangling properties, leaves hair silky, shiny and with natural movement.


Honey, in turn, is known to give shine and make hair less thin. Although, in this case, you can see results, removing the ingredient from the hair is not an easy task. That is why using a product that contains the ingredient in the formulation is much more guaranteed and practical, such as the Novex Avocado Oil and Honey line , which still acts against dry hair, fighting the natural dehydration of the hair, thanks to avocado. To increase the diameter of the thinnest strands, there is our line Novex Collagen Infusion, which contains the potent protein and 100% plant collagen as the main ingredient - and very necessary to provide a lot of shine and fight the porosity and fragility of the wires.


Coconut oil is another very popular food in hair care, as well as aloe vera, also popularly known as aloe.Again, for both cases, Embelleze has committed itself to developing products with natural ingredients allied to all dermatological tests to create the lines Novex Coconut Oil - which leaves hair smoother (when applicable), silky and perfectly nourished and without frizz - and Novex Super Babosão Aloe Vera, which guarantees intense hydration of the hair These are really safe options for the skin of the scalp, with proven and approved effects.


For all this: don't take the risk of putting the health of your hair to the test, when you have Embelleze that not only approves, but also proves the results with the bodies that regulate the cosmetics industry. You have at your disposal several options of products that are formulated, tested and indicated for different needs! Therefore, do not hesitate to eat all these foods to have health (including hair!) up to date and search on our website the best option for what you are looking for for your hair!


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