Especially for those who live in the city, it is not always easy to get away from pollution - between gases, fumes, vapors and conditioned air, there are many toxins that hover in the air and that sensitize the hair fiber, damaging it and leaving the opaque strands , dry, brittle and with an oily tendency at the root and irritated and itchy scalp. Heavy metals dissolved in the tap water can also be silent enemies of your hair, as they are present in our capillary routine when bathing.

To prevent the health of your hair (especially that of chemically treated hair, which is more porous by chemical processes and, therefore, more sensitive and subject to damage from pollution), it is not affected by the harmful effects of polluting elements, we have put together some tips that can be very useful in your daily life:


- Use accessories that protect the hair.Hats and scarves are excellent options to protect the hair from greater exposure to sunlight and external pollutants.
- Wash your hair every 2 days(if possible with an anti-residue shampoo or for oily hair) in order to avoid the accumulation of residues and fats that can harm the health of the hair.
- Always use Mask and Conditioner to moisturize and seal capillary cuticles and finish with Capillary Shielding.This procedure helps to protect the threads and prevents external agents and pollutants from penetrating the inside of the thread and damaging the internal structure.
- Use products specifically created to combat damage caused by pollution.Embelleze suggestsNovex The Mighty Charcoal Mask- Indicated for all types of hair and enriched with Activated Carbon, Fiber Dtox and Hidrovance, it takes care and renews the appearance of the threads weakened by pollution, creating a protective barrier against the toxic substances in the air and water.
- Brush your hair to promote hair lubricationwith "good" natural fat that helps protect the strands from the outside. It also promotes the removal of dust and residues attached to the hair and stimulates the blood supply to the scalp.
- Eat foods rich in antioxidants(red fruits and vegetables, above all) helps to block free radicals and polluting agents that cause the hair to age.
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