Since the name itself indicates, it Cremate of Combing it serves for to help to free and to comb the hair, without the necessity of to be tugs or pulled out hairs. However, the benefits of the Cream of Combing exceed his most basic function: - It helps to fight the fall of the hair, since it makes easy it to slide of the comb and of the brush in day by day; - It reduces the friction during the escovagem, which avoids the frizz and allows to control the natural volume of the hair; - It allows texturizar the still wet hair and to give him an aspect waved with the hands (it is enough to "crush" the bass threads up with the hands); - To the being a Leave In, a product that does not need to be rinsed, provides hydration and protects the threads of the water loss and of the aggression of the extern agents; - His properties can be "reactivated" along the day or even the next day, being enough in order that that passing the hands for a little of water and to pass by the hair; - It can accumulate other properties and benefits, such as thermal protection, against the moisture or against the harmful effect of the rays UV; Hint: Avoid to apply the Cream of Combing in exaggerated quantities and near the scalp, in the form not to increase the natural oiliness and not to give an aspect hurt the hair. Ready to enjoy of all these benefits provided by the Cream of Combing? The Novex has a Cream to Comb for each woman, choose his in accordance with his type of hair HERE.
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