Feel the power of Coconut Oil in your hair! Feel the power of Coconut Oil in your hair! - Embelleze Europa
Did you know that Coconut Oil is ideal for revitalizing dry hair? Enriched with pure fresh coconut pulp and vitamin E, the Novex Coconut Oil line maintains the hair's natural hydration and fights frizz, in addition to prolonging the smooth effect of the hair for much longer. The versatility of Coconut Oil is well known - it works as a natural soothing to the skin when used in handmade soaps, presents itself as an excellent moisturizer and lip rebuilder in balms; It serves to remove make-up while nourishing and leaving the face smooth, helps prevent acne and blemishes left by squeezed pimples, as it is an excellent healing agent, and can also be used to clean and shine furniture. It is therefore no surprise that its benefits reach the world of hair care.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for hair?

- It is ideal for revitalizing dry, unruly and frizzy hair; - Ensures natural hydration and absolute nutrition of the wires; - Reinforces the hair structure leaving it protected and resistant to external agents; - Leaves hair smooth, silky and disciplined; - Its antioxidant action protects against free radicals; - Provides hair with a delicious coconut scent. Watch the step-by-step video of the Novex Coconut Oil line!
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