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Too much sun, beach and pool baths can damage your hair if not treated with the right care. Include these five products in your routine and end the summer big, with healthy hair!

Finding the right hair care and knowing exactly what your hair needs at the right moment may not be an easy task, but it is by no means impossible! There are ranges specially created to address every hair need and lines that, in combination, allow for a more complete care. Did you know, for example, that it can protect the color and, at the same time, restore strength and resistance to the hair? Or soothe the scalp and, at the same time, repair the strands of brittle hair? Change is good, as long as the care is complementary. After all, when the combination is perfect, the results are incredible!

TOP 5 produtos para cuidares do cabelo (ainda neste verão)

All the SemperBella products are ideal for any opportunity, but these five are excellent for this time of summer!


SemperBella Hydration and Repair Line: Ideal for dry and damaged hair

Protecting against dehydration of the scalp and hair strands and reducing itching and dryness are two key points for this post-summer. With the Hydration and Repair line, hair is left soft, repaired and hydrated. Jericho rose is the active ingredient that provides protection against dehydration, reducing itchiness and keeping hair soft and protected from dryness problems. This line is perfect for anyone with dry hair or scalp.

SemperBella Relief and Softness Line: Ideal for sensitive scalps

It is natural to end the summer with a sensation of sensitivity and irritability in the skin of the scalp. There's still time to stop that from happening! For this, it is necessary to soothe, soften and keep the skin hydrated, minimizing these sensations. The Relief and Softness line, with calming and emollient properties, exerts a protective action against external aggressions, as it gently hydrates and protects the hair. Composed of two natural ingredients – seaweed and rose water – this line cares without damaging it, leaving the hair with a smooth texture. 

SemperBella Shine and Color Protect Line: Ideal for colored hair

The chemistry of the dye and the impact of a lot of sea and pool water can damage colored hair and, therefore, the ideal is to use the Brilho and Color Protect line to help the hair regain strength, lost strength and shine. This line improves capillary elastic strength, forming a film around the strands, which protects them against external agents. Take note of the ingredients! Silk prevents moisture loss, while ruby ​​provides resistance against damage and pepper stimulates microcirculation.

SemperBella Strength and Resistance Line: Ideal for fragile and brittle hair

Due to exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water and wind, the most weakened and brittle hair needs to regain strength. With the Strength and Resistance line, hair becomes stronger and more resistant, thanks to the combination of sunflower and ginseng. With sunflower seed oil – rich in nutrients and antioxidants – hair is nourished and protected, making it healthier and more resistant to breakage. Despite being an oil, it is light and therefore conditions without weighing it down! ginseng promotes the growth of stronger and healthier hair thanks to its stimulating and antioxidant properties. Thus, the hair is less prone to breakage.

SemperBella Nourished Curls Line: Ideal for curly hair

Day-to-day aggressions damage the cuticular scales of the hair.In curly hair it is particularly important to fill in these damaged spaces and give shine to the strands, correcting the damage The Nourished Curls line – specially developed for curls – strengthens and nourishes curly hair, a must at this time of year ! The result is curls that are more manageable, repaired, nourished and with less frizz, thanks to the action of pearl and caviar.

--->> Want more guidance on hair care in these high temperatures? On the Revista Máxima website, you have great tips for perfect combinations between the lines, for enhanced and diversified care. After all, just like our body, our hair needs different nutrients for an increasingly healthy appearance.

On Instagram @semperbella.europe you will also find the complete portfolio of our brand of large supermarkets, with a solution for every type of hair.

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