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There are habits that are here to stay! These are the mandatory products for a safe return.

This year's atypical re-entry brings with it a different anguish. There are major adjustments taking place in our lives, without major warnings, which makes us feel more anxious about leaving the "shell" and returning to the world. This return calls for a readjustment to what used to be familiar and an adaptation to a new lifestyle. In the next adventures, it is necessary to take into account everything we have been through so far, so that we can come out of the "shell" in peace!

Três produtos essenciais no regresso à rotina

Taking care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally, is even more valuable in this difficult time and will make us feel better and calmer.

At the moment we meet, some routines are essential and self-care is one of them! Take some time to think about what you can do for yourself. Create physical and emotional care routines and don't dispense with a skin care routine.

Be attentive to the body, listen and try to keep up to date with the check-up of hygiene care. To stay away from the threat that surrounds us and always be prepared and protected, don't forget these three products, so essential these days! 

This is the essential care guide for returning to routine:

Três produtos essenciais no regresso à rotina

  1. Alcohol gel to always have in your suitcase 

Hand sanitizer has become indispensable and is essential to prevent day-to-day impurities. We created the habit, along with the use of the mask, to sanitize our hands whenever necessary. The only cons is the burning that gel alcohol can often cause. Nothing that can't be solved with the use of a hand sanitizer that contains ingredients that protect and care at the same time! With 70% alcohol volume, BioSalut Alcohol in Antiseptic Gel protects and leaves hands soft and smooth thanks to a powerful ingredient: aloe vera. So you know that, when using this gel alcohol, you will always have your hands sanitized with maximum hydration. After trying it, you won't want to know about any other option to prevent yourself! The effect of not having dry hands or the burning sensation after using disinfectant is amazing.

Três produtos essenciais no regresso à rotina

  1. Moisturizing cream to protect hands

Aggressions make themselves felt and, therefore, the skin of the hands also needs extra care. To protect your hands from drying out, use a moisturizer regularly, especially before handling cleaning products or whenever you wash and disinfect your hands. A formula like the one of BioSalut Silicone Glove, with shea butter, guarantees a hydrated and soft skin, leaving for the oil silicone to protect the hands against external agents and retain the skin's hydration.

With its light and smooth texture, our new moisturizing cream is the perfect care for the whole family. One extra point in favor: the formula is vegan!

  1. Liquid soap for a more fragrant life…

...and safe! The care routine calls for a new protection for hands and body and nothing better than the new BioSalut Liquid Soap, that cleans the skin in a practical, effective and non-drying way. There are four scents available, focusing on different ingredients: glycerin, fennel, seaweed and almond oil. The formula in glycerin helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture and leaves a soft scent.With seaweed, a delicious aroma is guaranteed, in addition to helping to fighting premature aging For a more nourishing action and a more striking perfume, the right option is almond oil. Closing the preferences, but no less impressive, fennel, which helps to remove all impurities from the skin, reducing age marks. The formula is equally vegan and pet love (not tested on animals) .

Três produtos essenciais no regresso à rotina

BioSalut is the new Embelleze brand, which opens a new category: Hygiene and Personal Care. At a time of extreme need for greater care and protection, Embelleze debuted this segment with the launch of gel alcohol, protagonist in several actions, including the Lisbon IPO, helping in the blood donation campaign. Available in two sizes (100 and 200 ml), this line with aloe vera is available at site , as an offer on purchases over €30, and on sale in specialized stores (you can find which ones on the site by Embelleze Europe).

Check out how to use all the products above, on the Flash Magazine website and also proves the effectiveness and quality of this new line. Do your part. By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of everyone!.
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