He is one of the best allies of women with curly hair and a technique that can be done using the mastery of our own hands! We're talking about the Fit Ritual. 

Who should do it?

The Phytaling Ritual is recommended for women with wavy, curly or curly hair who have cut (or not) damaged or chemically treated hair (smoothed, relaxed, painted, among others) and wish to grow the strands naturally. However, it can also be an excellent way to moisturize the most ressequidos threads or finish the look of those who want a little more definition for their snails.

What's the point?

The Fit Ritual helps define and shape the wires, while stimulating the growth of natural snails.

How to do it?

1 - First, you must choose a Leave In product suitable for this procedure - Embelleze recommends the Ninex My Curls Fit Ritual, enriched with Olive Oil and Shea Butter, provides defined, hydrated and frizz-free snails, in addition to offering sun protection! 2 - With the hair still moist, separate the hair into various parts (4/5) and apply the product to the hair as if combing and smoothing the strands with your fingers; 3 - Separate each piece of hair into thinner wicks or "ribbons"; 4 - Separate the wires into and knead each tape from the bottom up, towards the root, in order to model the snails; 5 - After repeating the procedure throughout the hair, allow to dry naturally (if you do not want, you can use a diffuser).


- The thinner the wicks/ribbons, the more defined the snails will become; - Instead of your fingers, you can also use fork combs to make the process faster and more practical; - Note the amount of product applied, as excess cream can leave the wires heavy and without volume; - Avoid using fuzz towel to avoid frizz effect on hair; - Prefer products without oil, sulfates, silicones and parabens - as is the case with the Ninex My Curls Fit Ritual.

What are the results?

The most visible effects after performing the Curly or Wavy Hair Fit Ritual are: volume reduction, frizz control, increased definition and modeling of snails and an extra conditioning effect.
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