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Masks are essential complements to a woman's hair routine and have several functions, such as hydrating, smoothing, nourishing, rebuilding and providing shine, among others. In the case of Novex Masks, their benefits are many and quite different:

Have Acid pH

The acronym pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen and its scale serves as a reference for the amount of acidity or alkalinity. Thus, products with a pH less than 7 are defined as acidic and products with a pH greater than 7 are defined as alkaline. Since Novex Masks have an acidic pH - 3.4 - they seal the hair cuticles and help retain moisture and nutrients in the hair, keeping it smooth, shiny and healthy looking.

Renders many applications

Novex Masks come in various sizes. On the one hand, the smaller packages of 210gr are lighter and easier to carry on trips and routines, such as the gym. There are also medium sizes, of 400gr, and larger and more economical packages of 1kg, which last a long time and yield up to 42 applications!

They are a fundamental part of the Hair Schedule

The Hair Schedule is a hair care technique that aims to restore the nutrients naturally lost by the hair on a daily basis or during chemical processes. It is based on 3 different stages: Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction, and aims for stronger, softer and shinier hair. Regardless of the type of hair for which it is intended, all Hair Schedules are normally made using a Shampoo and 3 different Masks - one for each phase of the Schedule.

Can replace Conditioner

The correct order of use of hair products should always be: 1st Shampoo (cleans the wires and opens the cuticles); 2nd Mask (conducts nutrients into the hair); 3rd Conditioner (seals the cuticles and helps retain nutrients inside). However, and because the pH of Novex Masks is acidic and allows the cuticles to be closed at the end of their action, they have two different ways of use: they can be applied for 2-3 minutes, working as a Conditioner and providing rapid hydration ; or they can be applied for 10-15 minutes, resulting in deeper hydration that penetrates deep into the hair.

Features variety for each hair type

Novex currently offers a wide range of Masks, each one suitable for a specific hair type: - Brazilian Keratin:  Repairs and protects hair damaged by chemical processes; - Bamboo Shoot: Strengthens fragile and brittle strands, leaving them nourished and full of life; - Coconut Oil:  Nourishes and revitalizes dry hair and helps to prolong the smooth or smooth effect of the hair; - Ojon Oil: Provides a high impact restoration to hair damaged by summer and chemical processes; - Argan Oil: Provides hydrated, smooth, super shiny and frizz-free hair; - Jaborandi: Fights hair loss and strengthens the strands, leaving them silky and shiny; - Pra Bombar: Accelerates hair growth, increases the strength of the hair and provides an explosion of shine and softness; - Acid Temptation: Based on Apple Cider Vinegar, it provides softness, balances the pH of the hair, closes the cuticles and repairs split ends; - Dex5 D-Panthenol: Provides super hydration, gives volume and leaves hair with a powerful shine; - My Curls: Leaves curls radiant, hydrated, nourished and frizz-free.It also works as a natural memorizer; - Santo Black Poderoso: Combats frizz and split ends, undoes knots and provides instant hydration thanks to Baobab Oil; - Pure Beauty 12 in 1: Contains 12 actives that provide hydration, nutrition and restoration to damaged and dry hair; - Mass Replenisher: Enriched with Vitamin E and MaxLanolin (a powerful agent that fights dryness), it provides shine, softness and a new life to the hair; - Anti-Age Reconstructive Plastic: Provides an antioxidant and repairing action that maintains the health and beauty of your hair for much longer - Olive Oil: Helps to form a protective layer on the hair that guarantees hydration, nutrition and daily protection to the hair; - Gold Booster: Returns lost essential amino acids to the hair and promotes super hydration, luminosity and extra shine. .
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