Did you know that International Women's Day is celebrated in March 8th, and at the same time it is Embelleze's birthday? To the Embelleze PortugalEvery woman is unique and deserves to be honored every day in a special way. To honor all women, the brand highlights the strongest personality traits of each woman, connecting to the best characteristics of their products. Whether intense or protective, decisive and fun, we all have a special woman in our lives. Just like Novex!

Innovative Woman

A problem always has a solution, and many of them come through innovation! Embelleze recommends...Novex Queratin Brasileira A new life for hair Enhances the wiring structure, conferring brightness, smoothness to touch and reestablishes your natural movement. The Brazilian Queratin is hydrolysed, which guarantees it rapid absorption, strengthening and revitalizing the hair strands.

Strong Woman

Everyone is attracted to a woman who doesn't expect them to do anything for her. Embelleze recommends...Bamboo Novex Broto The strength that was lacking! Named for strength, it is indicated for thin, fragile hair, offering the necessary benefits for hair to grow stronger and brighter. Rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins A, B and C, restructure the hair fiber and eliminate the double ends and frizz.

Determined Woman

There's little you can be as seductive as a determined woman who believes in you and your potential. Embelleze recommends... Novex Jaborandi. To end the unwanted fall! It is an asset recommended by dermatologists who act in hair strengthening, providing an action against hair loss. The Jaborandi is a typical fruit of the Brazilian forests with therapeutic properties.

Exotic Woman

A gaze that holds, the sophistication of the requirement and a presence that creates magnestism. Embelleze recommends... Novex Argan Oil The Gold of Morocco. It promotes hair restoration and nutrition. Extracted from the seeds of Argan, a typical tree of Morocco, Argan Oil is a powerful moisturizer and natural antioxidant that increases the strength of the hair fiber and prevents frizz.

Fun Woman

Good mood, relaxation and simplicity define the everyday life of someone who is fine with himself. Embelleze recommends... Novex My Curves -Because its curls are unique -This line combines 7-functional nutrient oils into one product: Oliva, Argan, Ojon, Monoi, Coco, Karite and Moringa. The mix of special oils offers snails, in addition to hydration and nutrition, a powerful memorizing action of snails, antifrizz and sublime brightness, allowing movement and greater definition.

Intense Woman

Honest laughter, passionate passions, dancing till the sun comes up... Who doesn't surrender to an intense woman? Embelleze recommends... Novex Dex5 D-Pantenol The most intense hydration. The Novex Dex5 line has the power of D-Pantenol, the component responsible for intense and immediate hair hydration, also called pro-vitamin B5. It prevents hair damage, reduces the formation of double ends. It gives you volume and makes your hair sparkle.

Explosive Woman

Emotive and sincere, to the right extent! An explosive woman captivated by her personality. Embelleze recommends... Novex To Bomb An explosion of growth! With its concentrated formula, the Pra Bombar family offers an explosion of growth, accelerating natural progress and promoting the emergence of about 33.000 new strands of hair. It has vitamin A, D-Pantenol and Capilmax agents.

Protective Woman

Organized schedule, apartment could be part of a decoration magazine, routines are fulfilled and there is always a special time for friends. Embelleze recommends... Novex Gold. The full protection of the hair. Nutrition treatment that deeply hydrates the hair, checking a glistening gold aspect. The Gold line returns the softness, brightness, luminosity and minerals essential to the health of the wires. Your special product Novex Gold Blinding protects the wires from the outer agents and the effects of the dryer and board. They say that "the most beautiful curve a woman has in her body is her smile." On this international day of Women, awaken the most beautiful smile in the world: yours!
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